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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I am not the end all be all of coupon classes. Hehehe… There’s so much information about coupons to cover that it’s EASY to loose focus during a class. It’s best to have a plan and that’s what I offer here. This is my coupon classes outline. It’s what I use to teach a coupon class and I am offering it to you to get you started with your own classes!

First things first, you will need a place to teach your class. This can be a building that is rented, someone’s home, your home, etc. Pay careful attention to the equipment available to you at your location and space. Will you have a screen or TV to use or not? Overhead projector? If technology is not in place, there’s no reason to make a big presentation. Focus more on handouts… What about chairs and tables? Are there some available? Setup and tear down required?

Secondly, advertising your event is key. Will you require registration because of limited seating? How will people register? All things to keep in mind. I use email for registration so that I do not have to field phone calls all day. My church is my base for my classes so advertising has been mainly with them.

I use PowerPoint and handouts. I modified my outline (below) a bit so to remove regional information. You will need to input the information that you find pertinent to your area. This is JUST an outline. I go in depth more during the class.

I USED to do an entire display of items. I would unveil it at the beginning of the class and ask everyone to tell me how much they think I spent on it. I'd tell them the amount than and the best guess gets a prize (either off the table or an envie of Q's). Everything on that display went to the food pantry after the class was over.
I don't do this anymore because while I was pregnant the display got to heavy to haul around. Hehehe...
NOW I have pictures in my slides of shopping trips (specific to the stores I am talking about) and basically do the same thing. I ask, they guess and the winner gets coupons for a prize. I also give random prizes (extra coupons) throughout the class and have coupons sitting on the tables for attendees to pick through. No one leaves my class without at LEAST $5 worth of coupons to use.

If you decide to use this, I request that it not be used to make a major profit. I created this to help people. I do not believe a class that teaches someone to save should be something that has a huge charge/fee involved. Is that a bad thing? I hope not... I totally understand the need to cover your copy charges though. By all means, cover your fees! Copies, rental of space or equipment costs money. Cover those! Something that I have loved seeing with coupon classes is that profits go to a charity!

Have fun and I hope this helps you help more people to learn to save. :)

Here it is my Beginner Coupon Class Outline:

Text in italics are notes for YOU. Don't put those on the slides (if you make a presentation).

Coupon Class
1. Understand Coupons
2. Define Coupons
3. Find Coupons
4. Coupon Resources
5. Store or Organize Coupons
6. Share Coupons
7. Use Coupons
8. Plan with Coupons

Special Slide, No Title
At this time I take a break to give credit where credit is due. I am no genius here and my life is far from perfect... matter of fact *I* am far from perfect. I make a LOT of mistakes. God seems to know all of this and inspite of my shortcomings the deals I attempt seem to work best for my family, friends and those I donate to. I give credit of my class, all my great savings and how well my budget works for my family to God. No other way it would work for me. I just like to make sure everyone else knows it's not me too. :)

Understand Coupons

Where do coupons come from? - manufacturers
Are stores getting ripped off with coupons?!
One manufacturer coupon is permitted per product purchased

Define Coupons

Talk about each kind of coupon and where the originate.
Manufacturer Coupons
- IP = Internet Printed (can also be a store coupon)
-- RP = Red Plum insert
-- SS = Smart Source insert
-- PG = P&G insert (usually only comes out once a month)
-- There are other specialty inserts from time to time too.
Tear pads
- Usually found in a store, it’s a pad of coupons you tear off from.
- It’s a machine that blinks a red light, to get your attention, that you can pull a coupon from.
- Print from a machine next to the cash register.
Wine Tags
Cash Register Tape Coupons (CRT)
Find Coupons

(Goes with Resources Handout - below)
Tear pads, Blinkies, Catalina’s and more
- Coupons are Regional
- Newspapers will carry manufacturer coupons that can be used at almost any store.
-- (List your areas newspapers for inserts)
-- ALWAYS be sure to check the newspaper for the correct amount of inserts
Preview Coupons
- Helps you decide how many coupons/inserts to get
(I take a moment here to explain how to use Coupon Preview websites.)
Store Coupons/Websites
Online Resources

The BEST source of coupons is a newspaper!
Newspapers will carry manufacturer coupons that can be used at almost any store.

Be sure to list the newspapers in your area that carry the best coupons. :)
ALWAYS be sure to check the newspaper for the correct amount of inserts so you don’t buy an empty paper.

To find a PREVIEW of what will be in the Sunday paper visit: (Preview Pages) Post Wed or Thur (Coupon Tracker) Post Wed or Thur (Virtual Coupon Database) Post Sat late afternoon
CouponMom is the ONLY site that will break the coupon’s down by AREA. All areas will receive different coupons. This information will help you decide how many papers you would like to get on Sunday, if at all, based on the coupons inside.


Printable manufacturer coupons from online sources:


Another great way to get coupons is to contact the manufacturer of the product.

I also list major blogs that I might follow and forums (including AFC!). I go over these items a bit, but they are covered more in my second class.

Store and Organize Coupons

I discuss three methods: Box, Binder and File; their advantages or disadvantages. Pix of examples or bringing your own is great.

Get MORE Coupons!

Discuss each section with details.
Neighbors and friends
Recycle bins! (BE CAREFUL)
Buy Online

Share Coupons

Military bases overseas have stores called Commissaries and these overseas Commissaries accept expired coupons up to 6 months past the expiration date!

This is a great way to recycle your expired coupons in a way that benefits more people.

Check these links for more information how you can help:
Overseas Coupon Program -
Coupons for Troops Program -
Use Coupons!

  (Use with Handout - Click Image to Load Handout)
Expect to get items for free, do not expect to get items for a negative amount.
(This is explained that negatives do happen, but it's best to not be setup for the heartbreak. Planning is necessary for deals that may turn negative.)
Do not photocopy a coupon.
Expect to complete smaller transactions.
Coupons are not cash.
Break away from product loyalty!
Clipping and using coupons takes TIME.
You have to have the coupons to get the best deal.
Find your way of using coupons and do it!

Plan with Coupons:

(Goes with Shopping List)
Check out the ads
Write down what you want most
Match Ads to Coupons
Figure in ECB and RR (Next Class)
Find hidden deals Online (Next Class)

Plan with Coupons

(Goes with Handout - Below)
PlanwCouponsHandoutHere I discuss/list every store in our area, a brief description of their coupon policies and we go over all this information one store at a time. I STRESS on the handout and during the "lecture" that this is NOT from the stores. This is information that *I* have gathered and cannot/will not be accepted at stores as the official store policies. And I show/tell them where to get that official information too.

Knowing how each store uses coupons is KEY to you using coupons. Every store ad you receive will contain the information you need somewhere in small, itty-bitty print OR you can check the store websites for coupon policies.

The list below could change and cannot be used as store policy.
Here is where I list all the stores in our area. I specify coupon policy and other fun tips such as:
Do they double or triple?
How long their ads run? (We have a screwy store that runs ads from Thur-Wed here.)
Fun sales to look for throughout the year (For example: Mega sale events at Kroger, Meijer holds 10 for $10 get the 11th item free, etc)
If you have a CVS, mention the weekly ECB and monthly ECB deals difference here If you have Walgreens, I note the 7day AD coupons, Easy Saver Catalog coupons and catalina's

This handout should be VERY specific to your area. Copying mine won't help you. Heheehe... My area has some goofy store policies which no other area around us has.

Advanced Class
We will be going in-depth on:
Stockpiling Sale Items
Additional Savings Tips (including Ad Matching)
Using Online Resources
MORE Planning with Coupons
CVS 101 and Walgreens 101
And so Much More!
End of class! :)

I have posted this outline on a too but only on this blog here do I break it all down into a Online Coupon Class.


Couponcita's Blogs said...

Could you redirect me to the web link where you have your advance class outline/handouts? Again thank you for all that you have posted on Coupon class. OUr Church has establish a Free Coupon Class ministry and I am following your Outline... ITs awesome... may GOD bless you forevermore for all you have done.

Dee - WishfulMe said...

@Couponcita's Blogs Thank you and I am so glad the outline has helped you all! At this time, I do not have my advanced class posted. It's still a work in progress for the blog.

Take care!

KatiesTricks101 said...

Hi I was wondering when you will have the advanced class up

Dee - WishfulMe said...

@KatiesTricks101 I really want to get that done and I hate that it has waited so long already. Hmmm...

I will try to get it up sometime this month. I'll make it a personal goal. :)

So glad that there is interest!
Take care,

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