Coupon 101 - Plan with Coupons

Monday, June 20, 2011


You would imagine that this part of coupon use would be the easiest part of all. You gather up the coupons and go right? Well… it’s better to have a plan! There are a LOT of ways to play your coupons. This is just my little method. I use my Shopping List handout (below) with this slide too.
  • Check out the Ads
    • Ads are the keys to a stores vault! Use them to find the best deals. I have been known to buy a paper in my area just for the ads. The coupons, not so good… but the ads? Vital!
  • Write down what you want most
    • This is SO important! You don’t want to miss a big sale because you forgot about it. Write it down! The better your list, the less likely you are to forget an item in the store.
  • Match Ads to Coupons
    • Here’s where you save time in the store. Don’t take all your coupons with you in unsorted inserts or envelopes hoping you will use them. Take the time before you get to the store to match up your coupons. You will be sure to use them if they are already in hand with your list and ads! And while it might take you an extra hour in the store to do this on the spot it might only be an extra 20min at home to match them up.
  • Calculate
    • A must step for those of you with a budget. If you know what you are getting from the sales, you can have a rough estimate in your head what it will cost. So say you only have $50 to spend. With your list written at home you see that you are spending about $38. NOW when at the store you can see if any extra deals might fit in your budget or not. It’s easier to NOT impulse buy as well… once the item sat in your cart throughout the store you feel like you should have it. If it never makes it in your cart, because you already know the finances aren’t there to get it, you won’t over spend as quickly.
  • Figuring in your ECB/RR and finding hidden deals will be covered later.
Now be sure to print at least one of these lists out so you can have it on hand. You don’t have to use it exactly. I use a notebook now but setup my list in the format on the list. It helps to have a calculated list in the store at checkout too because if there total is WAY different than mine there might have been some missed coupons or a double scanned item.


Here’s the list for your personal use. I recommend printing it in Black and White if you need to save ink! 

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