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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Now that you are familiar with the types of coupons available, let's find them. I always love to find a good coupon too! Really makes my day...
  • Tear pads, Blinkies, Catalina’s and more
    These are pretty self-explanatory as to where they can be found. Keep your eyes open when you are in any store.
  • Newspaper
    • The BEST source of coupons is a newspaper!
    • Coupon inserts in newspapers are Regional!
      This means one state or area of a state will have different coupons than another area will have.
    • Newspapers will carry manufacturer coupons that can be used at almost any store.
    • The ads in a local newspaper are very important for planning shopping trip but the best variety of coupons available in your area could come from a larger paper!
      (In my area the local paper may get 15 coupons, but a larger cities paper will receive 30+ coupons I pick up a local paper for ads and the larger city newspaper for coupons.)
    • ALWAYS be sure to check the newspaper for the correct amount of inserts so you don’t buy an empty paper.
  • Manufacturer:
    Another great way to get coupons is to contact the manufacturer of the product directly. You can either contact online or by phone (check out the packaging of your favorite products and look for a 1-800) and just let them know you like their product or have a viable complaint to report. I don’t usually call in with complaints unless I do like the product and just had issues with it though. See, the company will usually send you coupons. Sometimes even coupons for free products. Woowho! But if I don’t like the product at all, why would I want the coupons? Hehe…
  • Store Coupons/Websites
    Many stores also have coupons that can be used only at their stores. You can either get mailings of them or print them. Visit your local grocery store websites to find printable STORE coupons, printable manufacturer coupons and coupons that can be loaded on loyalty cards. I am only listing stores from my area that I know about. There may be other stores in your area for you to check into as well.

    These are the stores I am familiar with:
    • Kroger has Clip-less Coupons to load on your card:
      PGEsaver (May not be functioning anymore? Have not tried them in awhile.)
      Load coupons directly onto your Kroger card! Clip-less coupons can be used with manufacturer and store coupons. It really depends on the cashier and store. Each clip-less coupon can only be used once.
    • Meijer coupons are printed or found in the store:
      Meijer Meal Box
      Click on the Specials tab in the MealBox area to view and print coupons.
      These can sometimes be used WITH manufacturer coupons; read the coupon carefully.
      Load coupons on your “cell phone”. You use your cell phone number at checkout.
    • Target coupons are printed or mailed:
      Scroll the bottom of the page and click on Grocery Coupons
      These can be used with manufacturer coupons.
      You can get some in the mail by signing up for a Target Credit Card OR register for a gift registry. I think. Hehe… There is some trick to get on the “in” list for mailings with Target. I am not sure what that is yet, but this is my speculation.
    • Walgreen's:
      Look for Walgreen's in store coupons in their ad (7 day coupons), in a coupon booklet usually at the front of the store (IVC or Easy Saver coupons) and Register Rewards Catalina’s (RR) print outs.
    • CVS:
      Look for a CVS magazine called Reinventing Beauty that will have CVS store coupons inside. Sometimes the Pharmacy will have booklets of coupons too. There is also Extra Care Buck CRT coupons (ECB).
      You can print coupons from the website too, just look for the In-Store Coupons.
  • Online Resources:
    There are a LOT of printable sources online. These are just the TOP ones I know to get you started with printing coupons from online. They are reliable, trusted and not too difficult to use.

  • Preview Coupons:
    Remember coupons are regional so it's best to find out what is coming from the area that you purchase your coupons. Using a preview will also help you decide how MANY newspapers/inserts you would like to purchase because you know the coupons you will use.

    To find a PREVIEW of what will be in the Sunday paper visit:
    TaylorTown (Preview Pages - FL inserts) Post Wed or Thur
    The Coupon Clippers (Coupon Tracker - FL inserts) Post Wed or Thur
    Coupon Mom (Virtual Coupon Database - Lists Regional area!) Post Sat late afternoon
    CouponMom is the ONLY site that will break the coupon’s down by AREA.

    There are MORE places to preview too. This is just a few places.
  • Everything You Need to Know:
    Well, okay not everything can be in one place all the time, but we can get REALLY close! Check out these links to find some GREAT coupon information:
    • The Frugal Map
      Not only are coupons regional, deals will be too. Use this blog to find your perfect match to other blogs that list deals you can use!
    • A Full Cup
      Message boards (forum) FULL of the best of the best “Coupon Queens” from around the country and they are all willing to share their information
      (and coupons) with YOU!

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