Introducing: ME!

I have been married for over 19+ years now and still totally in love with my husband. Okay, well let me rephrase that: have fallen in love with my husband again and again and again... and... you get it? Our first few years were ROUGH! I wouldn't revisit them, but I wouldn't get rid of them either. I am blessed and thrilled that God brought me and my Hubby together. I am a Momma of many little (they are all growing up too fast!) kiddos and furry critters too.

Things that I like to blab Blog about and will probably include in my posts:

- Gaming - I've always been kind of a video game junky but now that the kids are older and getting in to the games too. Well... we have reached a whole new level of gaming. It's actually starting to take over a bit but in a good way! We have even started a YouTube channel! We mainly record on Minecraft for now because it is a game we all enjoy as a family.

- Homeschooling - Every now and again I will mention homeschooling just because it's such a HUGE part of our lives. I don't feel anywhere near an expert to offer advice in this area though. Usually I tend more towards feeling like a failure actually. SIGH... We are getting there though!

- Reading - I adore reading and learning new things. Sometimes I frustrate myself because I can try to research too much at the same time and just end up struggling with the learning curve, instead of learning anything.

- Sewing - Or should I say, outfit editing? Hehehehe... I love my sewing machine and I have way too much fabric in my stash. I have vowed to stop purchasing more fabric until I've used up the majority of what I already have. Guess I better get busy, right?

- Photography - I have always loved photography and find it a fun outlet. I have a difficult time finding TIME to take pictures though and I want to remedy that. My Nikon needs to be WORKED. :)

- Gardening! - I love to garden. I am not always great at it, but I love to try gardening and everything that comes with it. I am struggling at keeping up with gardening with all the things the kiddos are involved in. We have definitely down scaled it all.

Thanks so much for stopping by!