Introducing: ME!

I am a dreamer! All my life my best ideas usually came to me when I was dreaming. Be it at night, day dreaming, in the shower... Ahem... I doodle, take pictures, write things down as soon as I can when an idea or thought comes my way to save them and then they come here. So join me in my dreaming....

My name is Dee and my blog is called Start Dreaming! This blog was originally started 7 years ago to keep up with the building of our new home. Now that's long done but my blog continues. So a little about me:

I am an anonymous blogger, so if you know me: Do not tag me with a photo of me and/or especially my family or announce our names! PLEASE! I hope you will all understand. Thanks so much!

I have been married for over 17+ years now and still totally in love with my husband. Okay, well let me rephrase that: have fallen in love with my husband again and again and again... and... you get it? Our first few years were ROUGH! I wouldn't revisit them, but I wouldn't get rid of them either. I am blessed and thrilled that God brought me and my Hubby together.

I am a Momma of many little (they are all growing up too fast!) kiddos and furry critters. OH and some not so furry critters too. Hehe.. Said kiddos will be referred to as Punk, Bug, Sweet Pea and Squeaks. My latest pregnancy was a rough journey. I was still thankful to be pregnant again for many reasons. Mainly I didn't mind because it has brought me back around to blogging again!

Things that I like to blab Blog about and will probably include in my posts:
- Gaming - I've always been kind of a video game junky but now that the kids are older and getting in to the games too. Well... we have reached a whole new level of gaming. It's actually starting to take over a bit but in a good way! We have even started a YouTube channel! We mainly record on Minecraft for now because it is a game we all enjoy as a family.

- Sewing - Or should I say, outfit editing? Hehehehe... I love my sewing machine and I have way too much fabric in my stash. I have vowed to stop purchasing more fabric until I've used up the majority of what I already have. Guess I better get busy, right?

- Photography - I have always loved photography and find it a fun outlet. I have a difficult time finding TIME to take pictures though and I want to remedy that. My Nikon needs to be WORKED. :)

- Gardening! - I love to garden. I am not always great at it, but I love to try gardening and everything that comes with it. I am struggling at keeping up with gardening with all the things the kiddos are involved in. We have definitely down scaled it all.

- Homeschooling - Every now and again I will mention homeschooling just because it's such a HUGE part of our lives. I don't feel anywhere near an expert to offer advice in this area though. Usually I tend more towards feeling like a failure actually. SIGH... We are getting there though!

- Reading - Having the Kindle App on my phone, computer and other electronics has made it SO EASY to pick up a book to read. I love picking up new FREE books all the time too.
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Thanks so much for stopping by!

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