Stockpiling Sale Items

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Do you remember this? Yah! My Coupon Class... I started this HOW MANY YEARS ago? Well... I still teach the classes on occasion but I never found the time to finish my class and outline on here.

Without further ado... a continuation of my coupon class:

Stockpiling sale items may get you thrown into the category of a hoarder very quickly. I used to have a HUGE stockpile. It wasn't all mustard and floss either. My stockpile held a wide variety of items. And than the attack that made me so mad I wanted to scream. I often wonder how a stockpile ties into the stockpile of manna that some of the Israelite retrieved. Should we keep huge stockpiles or are we just setting ourselves up for attack from worms, bugs or mice. Hmmm... I am a total geek aren't I?

At any rate, the mouse attack and limited space in the house isn't the only reason our stockpile has dwindled. We have begun to eat more clean, less processed. I make more things from scratch. This is a required diet change for one of my kiddos who has an illness and also I have found the benefits of weight loss! Shocking weight loss actually. More on that later...
What is stockpiling?
Stockpiling is basically picking up multiples of an item that is on sale or has an awesome price on it. My stockpile is a manageable amount of items that I can store throughout the house in creative ways we use on a daily basis. For example: shampoo, conditioner, razors, deodorant, etc because those are easy to store and we inevitably run out of them at weird hours.

Why Stockpile?
The idea of the stockpile price is that you would than have items at your disposal for less and not paying full price later when you do run out. This works really well for nonperishable items that can be stored in a proper environment.

How to Start? 
It takes awhile to get a good stockpile started. You can't expect to get everything at once and you wouldn't want to either. You would be broke! Take things slow and set aside a certain amount of your current budget to just focus on stockpiling. This keeps your regular staples coming in to the house, while you grow the stockpile. I recommend $10 to start and use that $10 to only buy the best deal items that you will use. Just because it is free, doesn't make it a good deal for you if you won't use it. Buying a few extras of a sale item you will use that is under $.75 will help you later to not pay the full $2 it usually runs in the store.

Where to Store?  
Looking at non-perishable items, you should store things in a cool dark environment. Be careful of pasta though because there are pasta bugs that will break into those nice to stack cardboard boxes. You also want to watch your expiration dates! Don't get more than you can use in a 2-3 month period and rotate items. When I purchase new things, I try to put them in the back of the stockpile and pull the other stuff forward. This way you don't suddenly pull up a jar of something that expired two years ago and it's your last one. EEP!

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