Was Noah Santa?

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

I could write a book on all the funny things my little Sweet Pea has done. When Sweet Pea was much younger (where does the time go?!) I made the mistake of not taking good notes of some of the little stories. I highly recommend that as SOON as any of your kids say something silly you write it down. On the calendar is the best place. A tiny note about what happened or what was said is usually enough to trigger the memory for me until I can get it recorded bigger. A lot of those cute stories end up on here, like “I’m glad I’m not a worm!”, “You’re the grown up, you do it!” and more! My kids always keep me on my toes!

NoahReturning to the fun though, Sweet Pea is always coming up with things that take me off guard. You just never know what to expect. Do you have a kid like that? Well, while playing with some Little People Sweet Pea held up Noah and said, “This isn’t God! This is Santa!”

Oh dear me… remember the Mixed Up Nursery Rhymes? Where am I going wrong with these kids and their story learning?


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