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Friday, July 27, 2012

I have been a crazy person with Pinterest lately. Even more so than I usually do. Of course, isn’t it true that if you start pinning that you just can’t stop and that technically just makes us all crazy pinners?! Oh I dunno…

At any rate, I am learning a new craft. SEWING! Pinterest is totally awesome for learning a new craft. You can store all those wonderful bookmarks with IMAGES to drool over all you want. Now… how does one restrict themselves in pinning so as to not overwhelm yourself with projects? Anyone? If you find an answer for me, let me know. M’k? Thanks so much!

On to some of my favorite pins:
(Not for the week… just all time because I’ve never done this before so I have lots to share! Hehe…)
Tutorial: Lighter Than Air Peasant Top..made from a men's tee.
Tshirt remakes are all my rage right now! Have you ever done over a tshirt before? My recent redo was AWESOME but I have not been able to cover the wording on the back so I won’t wear it in public. HAHAHAHA! Ah well… was totally fun!
Composition Book Cover
Me want! Isn’t this AWESOME! I love journals but often cannot afford the more expensive, adorable, covered ones. This will be my solution! I hope… Have you ever made one?
Sewing Tips: Gathering and Sewing With Knits
I have officially learned the art of the gather! It’s not that hard at all either. It’s opened my sewing doors to sew so much more too!

Now onto a different board. You can see all my Learning to Sew pins here. I’ll warn ya, I’m not a pattern following type person so very few of my pins will have an actual pattern. Hehe…

How about a Must Remember:
rub with waxed paper, water doesn't leave a mark anymore.  I need to try this in the bathroom
I have not tried this yet but I need more wax paper first. I will <3 it all over the place if it works. Have you tried it?

And two recipes…. oh many, many, many
Chicken Tostada Upside Down Bake - Everyone HAS to try this at least once. It's AWESOME!
Chicken Tostado Upside Down Bake from Picky Palate.
Truthfully, you just can’t go wrong with much of anything on Picky Palate!

Homemade goldfish crackers
Homemade goldfish crackers. Do you have another recipe of these?! We are LOVING them! I didn’t make my own goldfish cracker cookie cutter like she did and I have adjusted the recipe a smidge now but…. WOW! These are delicious! We use our pizza cutter and just make squares. Make these as FLAT as you can because they puff up and bake a bit longer than you’d expect for extra crispiness. Yummmmm!

And I’m off… PHEW! Only one pin here that I have not accomplished yet. I guess before I pin more on my boards I should work on a few more first, eh? Hehehe… Ah well!


Kas said...

Love that composition book and also those homemade goldfish!

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