Nursery Rhyme Mix Up

Monday, October 03, 2011

I love reading to my kids and watching their expressions as the story progresses but I also love asking questions about the stories we read together and that they read alone. It’s fun to hear the interpretations! Of course, this can (sometimes) add to my reading load for myself if I want to keep up and read what they read. Fortunately, I love to read!

While I was reviewing stories with my little herd at lunch, I thought I’d include the younger ones too. We had just read a few rousing nursery rhymes so I asked…. and I REALLY need to learn to stop doing these activities with food or drink in my mouth or near me.

”Do you remember Little Miss Muffet?”

”Yah, big hairy spider!”

”Yah! He was kinda scarey wasn’t he?”

”Naw, he wanted to play. Tittle Miss Tuffet should have played.”

”Good idea! What did little Miss Muffet eat?”

”Green eggs and ham.”

How do they say these things with such STRAIGHT faces? (snickering) We are reviewing our nursery rhymes and, while we are at it, our Doc Seuss stories too.


Sennie said...

Too funny :-D

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