Kid Humor: Who Gets the Spider?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

See I have been working on something besides a "baby post". This post is about one of my older babies instead. Heehee I am hoping to gather up enough cute stories of things my kids say to entertain for several Saturdays though. Kids are just funny.

Several years ago my children were staying at my parents house. (They are fortunate kiddos to have grandparents surrounding them.) They were all getting ready to head home (or somewhere) when my Dad and daughter spied a spider. Not an unusually large spider or anything. From the sounds of the description, it was rather small. My logical Father immediately instructed my daughter to step on it. To which he received a curious response. The conversation went something like this:

"Papah look, a spider!"
"Oh yah, there is a spider. Step on it."
"You have shoes on just step on it."
"Your the boy, you get it!"

My Father was a little taken back with this comment but upon clearing his head (and laughing a bit) this loving protector of his family proceeded to pick up my daughter and used her shoe to step on the spider. I guess he might as well have set her shoe on fire because she went to dancing around and checking that shoe to make sure the spider was gone. She eventually trusted my Dad again to help her with her shoes... but it took awhile. Heehee...

Do you have some funny kid stories? If you have kids or interact with kids, I'm sure you do. Let me know! I always like a good giggle.


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