Do you Want to be a Bird?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Mom has been fantastic about helping out with the kiddos recently. It can be difficult enough shuttling them all around for their extracurricular activities but with a newborn in tow? I'm getting there! :)

A recent piano lesson overlapped a meeting that I had to attend as well, causing more complications in a certain 1 month old feeding schedule, so my Mom jumped in and took all the kiddos with her to piano. While sitting outside waiting for the lessons to begin they witnessed Spring in all it's glory as a bird attempted to get a worm for lunch. The conversation went like this:

My mom stated, "Boy, I am glad I am not a bird."

One of my smart kiddos jumped in with the response, " I am glad I am not a worm!"

Much giggling followed. :)

What fun thing's have your kiddos talked about this week?


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