Grand Opening

Monday, August 06, 2012

It's been open for awhile but I only had it open to test it all out. Now is the big day for my Etsy Shop and the day my personal life and online blog life come colliding together. (Breathing Deep) I'm very nervous about this, not because my online life is some super big secret or anything, but just because they've never mixed before.

I have prayed about it and thought about and thought some more and came to realize that this is a horrible, long sentence lacking in proper grammar I don't talk about anything on my blog that I don't talk about in real life it's just different. Not a bad different either. My blog is my journal for me and a place to be creative. A lot of people in my personal life may not know some of the things about me on my blog. It'll be interesting to see what they say or do knowing this stuff. Hehehe... I assure you all, I'm still crazy.

At any rate, on with the Grand Opening!!! I am so excited about my Etsy shop! It's doing well (for little 'ol me) and I love having the creative outlet. I don't have to only make for who I know, I can just MAKE! And trust me, I have plenty more ideas of things to make! Some of them are on the chopping block now but are in limbo because I am learning new things with everything I make and I need more time to make all I want to.

So check out my little piece of e-commerce world (look over there ---> and you will see some items in my shop) and let me know what you think. I even have a coupon code (If you do know me, you know I love coupons!!) that's available until 8/20/12 to get 20% off your order too! Use the code GRANDOPENING85 during checkout to receive that discount.

Take care!


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