Why I’m not at BlogHer10

Thursday, August 05, 2010

image So I am not in NYC for BlogHer10, and if you are here I guess you’re not either? Sorry... maybe someday we will be there and then we can say HI to each other! Wouldn’t that be… weird? Hehe… For now, how about we blog hop and learn more about everyone around us here stuck at home? You can learn more about me and my kooky ways on my Intro Page. I can tell ya that I am coming up on my 12 years of marriage with my wonderful Hubbie. We recently went on a Yellowstone Trip (all six of us with my parents) that took us longer than expected due to a lost credit card and ill passenger who needed emergency surgery. It really was a nice vacation for the most part. Maybe that’s one reason why I’m not at BlogHer10? I’m vacationed out?

image What I will miss about BlogHer’10:
1. A chance to learn more about blogging at a higher level!
2. Still in the dark on how these big blogs get great sponsors.
3. Some time away from the little ones… who I would most likely just miss the first day away from them. (I’m so pathetically wrapped around their little fingers!)
4. It would have been cool to meet some bloggers in real life.
5. I guess I’m not sure what else I would miss having never been and not really knowing what I am missing. :)

What I will NOT miss about BlogHer’10:
1. Being nervous about meeting new people.
2. Being nervous about being in a big city.
3. Being nervous.
4. Did I mention being nervous?
5. Trying to find the funds on my own to go to the conference.

You can see why others aren’t there or what they will be missing on Life without Pinks BlogHer10 Pity Party Linkup OR attend the 2010 BlogHop hosted by Pensieve


Lesley said...

Stopping by for the Pity Party....Love your answers...being Nervous? I'm so right there with you!

Anonymous said...

Stopping by from the BlogHop. I think nerves would prevent me from enjoying a blogging conference, too!

Tammy@ Not Just Paper and Glue said...

I found you on the Blog Hop. I know I would have been really nervous about being in a large city with so many people. It would be nice to learn all of the "tricks of the trade" though.

Life Without Pink said...

Being nervous - I can totally relate! That and being overwhelmed....maybe it was a good think I didn't go! Thanks for linking up!

joelle said...

Hi there, thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. Meeting new people from my living room is much more relaxed!

Beth Zimmerman said...

I agree with you entirely about being nervous in a new place and around new people. I entered a contest to win a trip to BlogHer and then was scared to death I'd win and actually have to go! I was relieved when someone else won! LOL! But I'd like to experience it some day! ... I think!

Stacey said...

Stopping in from the blog hop, but it's not my first visit to you :) I agree wholeheartedly with the being nervous part...it's the major reason I've never wanted to go to any blog conferences!

Melinda said...

A trip to Yellowstone with the whole family? Sounds wonderfully fun - as a matter of fact we leave for our trip out there in a month! :) I'm hoping we can do it without the visit to the ER and the lost credit card!

HarmSkills said...

stopping by from the Pity Party. NYC is so great that is not a good excuse not to go :)

(I live in NYC)

Studio JRU said...

Stopping in from the 'hop'! Yellowstone sounds like a wonderful family vacation! My husband and I celebrated our 12th Anniversary in June... the time just flies by, doesn't it? :)


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