Yellowstone Wonderland!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Whitewater rafting, horseback riding in the mountains, Old Faithful, Paint Pots, Tower Falls, hills that bikes refuse to go up.. oh wait, that was hills that my legs refused to get my bike up. Well, whatever. Our Yellowstone experience was FANTASTIC! Beyond fantastic! I am homesick for Yellowstone! I feel that I really didn’t get to experience the whole thing… but we got what we could and I am so thankful for that. I learned so much and would love to get an opportunity to revisit this “Wonderland” called Yellowstone. And ya know what, even though the biggest draw seems to be the Old Faithful I think I just want a chance to get to know everything around there. I’d love to stay at the Old Faithful Inn and watch Old Faithful at NIGHT! Wouldn’t that be a treat? Maybe visit Yellowstone in the winter and ride snow mobile tours through it. WOW! There’s so much you can do there maybe we should just move next door and visit every weekend. :) Have you ever been to Yellowstone? If not… you must go because
”paint cannot touch it and words are wasted”
- Frederick Remington
  Pony Tracks, 1895
Here is my attempt to remember:

ComboScenesThere was so much to see, and so little time to see it all. We took in the “high points” but I really don’t think there was an area that wouldn’t be a highpoint! From Mammoth Springs (bottom left) to Fountain Geyser in the Lower Geyser Basin (lower right). There was gorgeous waterfalls and words-can-not-describe mountains on every turn.

WildlifeCombo We LOVED spotting roaming wildlife! It might have been more fun to watch the people fall over themselves or get in harms way to take a picture though. Sigh! This is why investing in a long lens is a good idea before you go. I did not get to see any bears or wolves, but my family had seen a few bears when they took a trip from Gardiner to Cody to witness an Indian Pow Wow. Due to vehicle space, the fact that I had an infant to feed and that I was already exhausted from the ride out I did not attend that event.
4Old Faithful
The star of the show seems to be Old Faithful. I would love to get a chance to stay at the Inn and witness Old Faithful off season or at night when the crowds are not around. None the less, it was spectacular and I can now say, “I saw it in person”. There are LOTS of beautiful and awe inspiring geysers in Yellowstone. I wish we had had more time to sit and wait for some of the others to give us a show. Many of them are not predictable.

9Falls1 Canyon Falls took my breath away! There’s an overlook that you can stand right next to it too, but we were not able to stop there. Could you imagine?! Even from this distance you could hear the falls.

Electric Peak The mountains have my heart too. I have more pictures of mountains from this trip than my children! We were so fortunate to be camping at the base of Electric peak (pictured above) and I woke up and went to sleep gazing at it everyday.
I will share more as I can, because I don’t think enough can be said about Yellowstone! It was the highlight of my trip and I will never forget it. You can check out more of our trip by clicking here.


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