Lost Credit Card = Lost Lunch!

Friday, June 18, 2010

I have TWO Friday Fails to fill you in on here, but one will have to wait for the more important one. We lost our credit card. The BIG one! The one we had intended to use for the gas on our trip first and get paid off (quickly) at home. What a MESS! I felt my stomach hit the floor when Hubbie informed me of this terrible news.

First off a tip: When traveling out of state, or anywhere for that matter, be sure to call the credit card company (if you intend to use one) and inform them of your traveling plans. See, if you don’t they will deny you usage of your card at the MOST inopportune time and you will have to call in to clear the account with lots of crazy security questions while your curious family sits in the boat of an RV wondering what happened to you. ERGH!

Second tip: Never ever, EVER leave your credit card at the gas station after said previous issue occurred and you were finally able to pay for the gas to leave. Always do a complete check around your vehicle and wallet before driving a half-a-day away to your next location and in the process leaving your credit card at the gas station. ERGH!

Finally: Suggest to the gas station that they mail your lost credit card on to your final destination (after covering the current gas station payment with cash when you find out your don’t have the credit card in hand) and call your credit card company letting them know of the oops and that you will call again to check on transactions once you get the credit card in hand.

I am pretty sure I lost my lunch in this whole ordeal.

The other fail? Are you really curious about hearing this one? Okay, this one wasn’t our fail really. See while driving down the road, minding our own business someone driving towards us in a construction zone THREW something out their window at us! Fortunately it did not hit us, but the car behind us may not have been so fortunate. So driver failure to them! Grrrr…

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Cheryl said...

Oh no! How scary, I hope it all comes out okay!!

Myra @ My Blessed Life said...

Oh dear! I hope everything has worked out now!

Thanks for linking up to Friday Fails! ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks!! Yes, everything has turned out just fine now. We had the gas station mail it to the campground we were staying at in Yellowstone and received it a few days after we got there. PHEW! That was a close call!! :)

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