Old Dog, New Tricks?

Thursday, August 05, 2010

My old dog barks… at everything! Granted he is getting on in years (he’s deaf), but he’s always been known to bark. At everything! Once he even felt the need to protect us from a cricket. Yup, that’s right. We were threatened by a cricket. It was in one of our sleeping bags (it was an indoor campout), it was still just a cricket. Now a spider? Feel free to protect! Hehe… I need protection from spiders.

Being deaf makes things tricky sometimes for him, but he’s learning new things to bark at. I think he does it for the fun of it. I suppose I can’t blame him much for loving his barking hobby so much. I have my hobbies right? Drives me up. a. wall!

Due to his lack of hearing things to bark at he has started barking at patio furniture cushions. They look like people right? At least someone sits on them from time to time. They must be dangerous. Birds are also dangerous. Especially the ones that don’t fly off too fast, like doves. (Dumb animals… FLY!) Papers! Papers must be very threatening. UGH…
ZeekFlower What can I do but love him though? He’s such a big sweetie! He’s very obedient and he’s helping me train his new protégé…who by the way likes to bark at trains he can hear in the middle of the night. Sigh…

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jonnia said...

He's mighty handsome!!! Our old dog used to howl all the time at sirens and trains. Now that he can't hear them anymore, he rarely makes a sound louder than a huff. Never thought I'd miss the howls.
Thanks for hopping over to my blog!

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