Emergency Surgery

Friday, July 02, 2010

Two words that you do NOT want to hear while you are driving across country on a family vacation. We made it out to Yellowstone without any real issues but on the way home… wow…

Our first issue was the RV overheating. Once we got that under control my Father ended up with a medical issue that could not be ignored. It’s an abscess and it was closing off his airway. So with all of that going on we took him and my Mom to the ER in Rapid City, South Dakota and our vacation extended by four days.

My Dad was admitted to the Hospital and had to have surgery. Everything happened so fast it was a whirlwind. We had to rent a vehicle to go up and down the mountain from our campsite to the Hospital. My Mom spent the night down there each night. We considered moving camp, but the KOA had a ton of activities available for 4 restless kiddos to keep busy. We also had two little dogs to take care of as well. This was becoming a Camping FAIL situation. We all were frantically calling home to get things taken care of there since we would not be home soon enough to care for it ourselves. Our dog was shuttled to my in-laws, garden left to it’s own will, cats and bunny stocked up on food, mail is left untouched, appointments shifted out, kid events/tryouts called and cancelled, etc etc etc. I felt like a revolving door on the phone!

Not all of it was a FAIL though. The beautiful Mt Rushmore KOA gave us a discount on the remainder of our “over staying” there. They also lent us a minivan for FREE because we had to keep running down to Rapid City to visit and delivery items to my parents. The RV place we rented our camper from gave us a huge discount on the RV we were renting so that we did not need to leave my parents in order to get it back in time. WOW! God was watching out for us during this emergency. I’m thankful!

We are finally headed home and should actually be there in a few hours from the time I am writing this! I cannot wait to sleep in our own bed and take a nice warm shower without spiders watching me. HEHEHE I can honestly say that I am not interested in visiting Mt Rushmore again anytime soon though. I think we drove past it at LEAST 10 times in all the days we were there. The most that I remember about this part of the trip is the stress from dropping off my parents at a Hospital, the relief of the surgery being over and being ecstatic when we started heading home.

My Dad is not out of the woods yet though. His neck is back to swelling again and we are hoofing it as fast as we can home to get him to a doctor appointment on time here. I hope that they will be able to resolve the rest of his issues without another surgery, but he may have to have one.

There is more to come about our RV trip soon! I did not have time to write much during our overstay around Mt Rushmore like I had hoped. I’ve now learned that a smaller space does not equal more free time to play. It does equal more difficulty in keeping kids entertained though. :)

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