Stop Blabbing, Stupid!

Friday, August 06, 2010

Yah, you heard me right. That’s a bit harsh isn’t it? But I was told to write an opinionated post. Fer real! It’s part of my 31 Days to a Better Blogger challenge with the SITS girls (Secrets to Success is Support). I promise this is homework… even if that is a harsh title. Well, harsh for ME!

Anyway, people really do need to stop blabbing though. It’s ridiculous! Do they really think no one will hear them? That everyone is as stupid as they are and won’t put two-and-two together? Come on! Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and other social media are all PUBLIC! Everyone reads it people. And if you aren’t smart enough to keep it private to just your friends at least, than stop talking about EVERYTHING.

I just watched on the news tonight about how someone posted a comment that they were headed out to a movie on their social media of choice. Guess what happened? Their house was broken in to! Yah, by one of their “friends” on their list. Smart, eh?

Earlier today I witnessed a social media fight between two people. Oh yah, they tried to keep it toned down but it was a fight non-the-less. Guess how many people saw it? Everyone on their friends list plus anyone who visits their site because they don’t have it set to private! Smart, eh?

This solidifies my reasons for NOT posting my full name, pictures, family names, etc on my blog or other social media. I don’t mix the unknown with the known either (like my twitter followers aren’t linked up with my Facebook and vice versa… unless of course I REALLY know ya. Hehe…)

It never ceases to amaze me. The internet is a big world people. If you don’t want everyone to know your business, than shut it.

(Okay, now I’m really sorry… that was harsh! Totally not my normal way of talking either. So sorry… Shhhh… My blog will stop being a soap box for awhile again now.)

Woowho! I finished Task 19 – an Opinion Post. Are you following along the Challenge?


Serenity said...

Great post and so very true! I stick with the adage, "If I wouldn't want my mom or boss to read it, I don't post it!"

NowWhatDad said...

Makes me wanna go back and edit my "friends" list in facebook. I agree with Serenity, but I think to myself "would I want my kids to read this?".

Mica's Truth said...

I have seen so much drama happen on fb. Sad to say I deactivated my account and had withdrawals at the beginning. Be careful of what you say and do especially in the virtual world.

Donda said...

I don't say "dance like noone is watching" but "dance like everyone is watching and you don't give a crap". Why does everyone assume that when someone posts something that seems would be personal it is really that personal?

Michelle Nist said...

I look at Social media as a way to entertain and be entertained. I agree with you!
But all the drama does kind of entertain me...and make me sad at the same time.

Your opinion post is much better than mine!! :)

Jackie said...

There's a fine line and some people just don't see and cross it all the time!

I do share stuff about my family on FB but that's because my family is on there and it's a fast, easy way to keep them updated with everything!

Gemma said...

Great point to make there. I've seen so many fights over facebook it's ridiculous. I deactivated my old account and use my new one only for blog related news and to keep in touch with some family.

Laura said...

I do post pictures on FB, but I'm set on private so unless I friend someone, they won't know my business, plus I really don't air my business on FB either. I usually just chat with long lost friends from high school. It is fun catching up.

But I am amazed by what some people post on their FB and twitter.

Stopping by from #31DBBB!

Bethany@ImperfectMom said...

I totally agree! People post some of the craziest, most persoanl stuff. On Facebook, I only friend people I know, but now that I'm friends on their with friends and relatives from various parts of my life, I feel a little awkward about posting anything.
I'm a fellow Hoosier visiting from the SITS Blogfrog site.

Melissa (Confessions of a Dr. Mom) said...

It's true, thanks for saying it! I'm with you..there's a time and a place...twitter and FB are not that place.

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