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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I have joined another “Blog Hop” but it’s not really that.. it’s more a Challenge about improving your blog, your writing and claiming a brand. I don’t know about the whole brand thing, but I love improving my blog/writing. I do have a few days to catch up on though, so here’s two post’s in one! (Isn’t that a bargain?Haha!) There’s still time to join too:

Day 1 Task:
Write an Elevator Pitch for Your Blog
This is basically me  answering the question, “What’s your blog about?” in a short little blurb. Although, it is recommended to have longer ideas ready to convey, the short one is where you grab someone’s attention!

Day 2 Task:
Write a List Post
AHA! I am going to break down what I am writing for in a listing and combine it all together at the end for my Elevator Pitch. That’s a bit backwards, but it’s how I roll.

1. Why I Write a Blog?:
I know I have answered this question before, but I am unsure how I am supposed to “brand” my blog with my writing. Branding seems to mean I find a way to encourage, fix a problem or answer a question on my blog for my readers. This will also answer what kind of readers I have or am trying to reach. The end result of a brand is that I can find sponsor’s or sell ad space on my blog easier because I will know my “target audience”. Are you following all that? (Sigh) I cannot wrap my head around this just yet.

I write because it’s fun! I write to entertain and record what is happening. My blog is basically a journal for me that can touch a lot of different topics. Mom’s are diverse like that. (Oh, sounds like an elevator pitch!)

2. What kind of Writer am I?:
I am a goofy LIFE blogger. I blog about my LIFE. Whatever may be going on within my life, I blog about it. I have a friend of mine who is tired of hearing me make that statement too.
“Oooo, you should BLOG about that.”
“That’s BLOGABLE” (Which I’m surprised spell check didn’t yell at me for that word!)
I lean more towards writing something FUNNY which can be encouraging in itself. I do occasionally post something that I think answers questions or may help someone learn something new. I love posting about/with bloghops/carnivals/memes because they give me ideas to write about. I probably blog about too much.

3. Who do I Write for?
I think I am overly selfish here. I write more for me and my amusement than anything else. I am very conscious that I have other people READING what I write though and that makes me adjust how I might write something down. I try to keep my posts short because I feel that people are busy and shorter posts get read all the way through. (Could be wrong here! Hehe…And this post is not following my blogging-norm!) I know that shorter posts also help to keep me going with ideas to post about too. I will break apart longer posts into a series if necessary too.

4. What does my Blog Title Mean?
Once again, another question I’ve answered before (So WHY did I put it on the list? Go with me here… I’m digging deep for this list. Hehehe…) but will answer again because I asked it it’s how this all got started!

Start Dreaming was started because we were dreaming up our new home to move in to. This blog was a way to keep family and friends updated on what was happening with our home. Well, that is done now and I am torn about moving on away from this name.. but I love it! I am a dreamer. I daydream ALL the time. I’m constantly coming up with a new project to work on so I am an “Everyday Daydreamer”. Maybe it will need to change for me to become a “brand” blogger? I dunno yet… I’m waiting for blog name inspiration to hit before I move on.

5. If someone asked me, “What is your blog about?” What would I say?
Umm.. uhhh… Me? Hehe… Oh right okay, something catchy.

I blog about daily life. Specifically, my daily life as a mom of four kids. I might share a grocery shopping trip, gardening tip, great ways for you to get started on a blog, making money online, a recipe and more. My blog is my little mark in the world. A spot to be me and share ideas with others.

So do you have a blog? What is your blog about?

EDIT July 22: Well, would you LOOK at that? I'm so good I already wrapped Day 3 into this post as well!!! I didn't even really try to do that either... just now looked at Day 3 and found this out.

Day 3 Task:
Promote a Blog Post
It's always a great idea to LINK BACK to your own posts from another post on your blog. Encourages people to read on. Also, you want to be sure to link to JUST the post and not the main page of your blog.


Marie Young (Young Creative) said...

Dee, how very clever of you to combine two days in one post. Here it is Day 3 and I just posted my list post for Day 2.

I think we all struggle taking something that is "mine" and trying to make it something that has broad appeal. My blog is my creative outlet and I need to tell personal stories there.

That being said a couple months ago I decided I want to use it as a business tool. I've refocused around the broad theme of creativity, but with a lot of personal stories sprinkled in.

Good luck with your blog. You have a great writing style that really resonates with me.

Lisa@Practically Intuitive said...

heheheh I love this! I have a personal blog (Snarkypants.com) that I've kept going for eight years, mostly for the amusement of my four readers and me. I think that's the best attitude to take for that kind of thing.

Just started Practically Intuitive earlier this year and it's moved me to a whole different blogging level.

Over here from SITS - it's so nice to have that support, isn't it?

(Good idea combining the two assignments. I should steal it!)

Beth Zimmerman said...

You did great! I like your blog, and your sense of humor! Will definitely be back!

Reluctant Writer said...

Hi thanks for coming by and making a comment. I love the vibe of your blog. Im still laughing about the wig chase everytime I think about it. lol I started my blog a couple of month ago.This is the first part on my About page. I'm a mom and a reluctant writer. This blog is my journey allowing writing to be part of my everyday life. Even with all the craziness of being a mom. My blogs aren't long because of my limited time. Between dirty diapers and feeding the twins. I embrace the time I do have to write.

Thanks for following. Im following back.

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