The Chase

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A chase that I never thought would happen before happened. I guess in a way I knew it was possible but never thought it would happen!! It was quite funny too… hehe…

See I was innocently rinsing off veggies from the garden so I was walking from the dining room table to the kitchen sink with produce. During my walk from the table to counter a spider appeared. (Isn’t it always great how these things appear from no where and when you least expect it? Grrr…) This spider lowered/dropped to the floor quickly so I squeaked and informed Hubbie of his masculine duties. (He had shoes on and as previously mentioned in our family: boys get the spiders.) I proceeded to step away from the spider (which I must say was not a very formidable spider foe) and it FOLLOWED ME!

Now I screamed a bit more and scurried over towards my Hubbie making frantic hand motions and talking quickly, “it’s-chasing-me! I-think-it’s-stuck-to-me. GET-IT!”

Of course… he didn’t get it… at first. He told me to HOLD still. Now if I stopped moving, what do you think that spider was going to do? It was going to CATCH me! It would swing right around with it’s little vine string it had attached to me somehow like Tarzan and land right on top of my foot. I was not about to find out if it would slide down my foot as if on a skate board or scurry up my leg as if climbing a tree!

Yah… I didn’t stop. Hubbie did figure out what was going on and caught the spider though. PHEW! Okay, so he stepped on it. I’m surprised he did not step on me in all my spinning. I am completely convinced that a dog chasing it’s tail is not out of fun. No… it’s trying to tell us something. Just what, I’m not sure but check for spiders!

I got my exercise that day in just a little span of a few minutes.


CMcKane said...

Too funny! Now if only someone taped the three of you running in circles. How did your husband react to your dog chasing it's tail movements?

Once I was walking down a hallway at work and one dropped from the ceiling. To say it was unexpected is an understatement.

Visiting from SITS feed!

lifeasacrazyquilt said...

Stopping in from BF and the #31DBBB. Enjoyed visiting your site and reading about the new way to get exercise. Can't say I've ever tried that method but to be truthful, I could use any exercise I could get. Thanks for the suggestion ... and for the giggle.

Have a blessed day,

Would love to have you stop by for a visit at our place as well.

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