Good Guys vs Bad Guys

Monday, July 19, 2010

GoodGuys I’ve noticed my kids becoming confused lately when watching TV. They are questioning things sometimes (yay!). I’m also noticing them imitate (in play) some ideas of good guys or bad guys that I’m not all that comfortable about.

There used to be a more defined line between good guys and bad guys. The line has become blurred. Think back to some childhood shows and cartoons. (Batman, Super Man, etc) All the good guys were good and bad guys were definitely bad. There might be some cheesy acting going on in old movies but you knew who was on which side.

Now fast forward to now and look closely (especially adult oriented shows). Good guys are still good, but do bad things sometimes for “good reasons.” And now bad guys can step over the line and become good guys long enough to get off the hook or slide through the system.

The grey area is becoming too big. What happened to black and white? Where are the GOOD guys who stay good and why don’t the BAD guys get punished for being bad. It’s kinda of like my whole idea that Homeschool Kids don’t get in Trouble but worse.


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