Sleep Deprived Grocery Shopping

Friday, April 30, 2010

Having a newborn at home is a great excuse for being a walking zombie Mom, but I am really frustrated that I forget everything as soon as I think it. I was given the option by dear, sweet Hubbie to go to the store myself and thought I'd ease the stress of this shopping trip by working on my list carefully, writing it out by the store and marking if I had a coupon. This grocery trip was going to be a piece of cake! It had to be quick too because I still only had 2 hours between each feeding and Baby was staying home. (Woowho!) Now if only I could find something to FIT into for my fist time in society again.

So there I was list in hand, coupons ready and car keys ta-boot. I make it to the store with only a few possible mishaps of not remembering how to drive. (I felt like a teenager getting behind the wheel for the first time. Tried to DRIVE out of the garage but needed to be in reverse. Ergh...) At the store, I load all my shopping goodies in the cart and glance over at the ad rack. Little warning bells go off in my head. What's wrong I wonder? I pull my cart over and grab the store ad. Something doesn't look right. Can you guess what it is? Oh yah... I threw OUT this ad at home. I planned my entire shopping trip on an ad that was a week old.

(Add silent screaming here!)

So what's a hormone high, panic stricken Momma to do with only 1-1/2 hrs left for shopping? I fought back the tears and headed into the fray of the store with my plan thrown out the window. (I will continue how it all turned out in the next post... tomorrow... hehe... Sorry to leave ya hanging, but that's as far as my fail went. The shopping trip turned out rather well.)

Has this happened to you???

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PS-This all happened a month ago, I am just now getting time to type it up and post it. Hehe... Is that another fail? :)


Cheryl said...

Oh dear, I remember those sleep-deprived, hormone-high days. No fun. I think you did well though just to keep going and making a new plan as you went :)

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