Homeschooling Means WHAT?

Thursday, March 07, 2013

I’ve been (trying) to read more supportive books, magazines, blogs, emails, etc for homeschooling. I know I need it. (ALL the time) I put too much in expectations on myself and when I fail, I hit hard. Lately though I’m wondering.

What does homeschooling mean?

I’ve read about the who cares about anything homeschool style, the scheduled to a T and even preschoolers wear a uniform to the dining room table style and then I believe there is somewhere in between. I have noticed and can relate to the idea that something has to give to homeschool. Meaning I can homeschool or have a life? Okay… maybe not that extreme. It’s more like I can homeschool and have a clean house? Serve meals? What’s up with this?! Why should I have to choose??! No… I can’t handle that. I love my kids and family. I want to homeschool. I also want to have a clean house and resemble more than a backyard scarecrow. I have LOTS of reasons for homeschooling… here’s some:

- I love the AHA moments of when my kids get it. It’s so cool! It’s exciting! It’s also very addicting… I want more of those moments… hehe…

- The school system here is (ahem) overwhelmed and we cannot afford private education.

- I am shocked at what I did not learn in school or how the way I learned did not go with my learning style and basically led me to think I was just plain dumb.

- I am more shocked by WHAT was taught in schools. I learned about sex, drugs and much more at much too young an age and it seems that the age has even lowered MORE now. Just the other day I sat in a conversation with two mom’s who were discussing how their daughters learned how to give hic-kee’s (yah, I can’t even SPELL that one) on their forearms during recess. Their daughters were 8 and 9. SERIOUSLY?! Granted these were their peers teaching them this… but wow…

So I am deciding again.

I will homeschool!

I will have a mostly clean house.
I and my children will wear clothing that matches and forms a respectable outfit.
We will all comb our hair and brush our teeth at least once a day.
We will have fun throughout the day... Maybe even if we don't want to.
I will try to lesson plan but relax if it gets all messed up. (gasp!)
My kids will learn various things throughout the year in sometimes unconventional ways.
I will stop comparing what they have learned to other kids.
Laundry will sit around the house in baskets but the sink will be clean.
Bathrooms will be cleaned at least once a week but showers might only see a cleaning once a month.
I will start my business again even while all this homeschooling madness is happening
(mainly to hire my housekeeper back to clean my showers more often. HA!)
I will panic each time I am running late and still need to get 4 kids out the door but will continue to go!
I (sadly) will loose it at times about all this pressure but try to remember that
I need to slow down, look around and take a moment to CHILL

so hard to remember that too.

I will homeschool. Yes… I will.

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Pam Allen said...

I applaud you! I tried homeschooling and I couldn't do it with one of my kids- he wouldn't respect the teaching time and wanted to lay in his pjs all day. I gave up too soon. I'm here from March Bloggy Moms Blog Hop!

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