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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Do you have bugs? In your house? Do you have kids? Well.. if you have kids I am sure at some point in time you have had or will have bugs in your house. The kids will bring them in. They either want to share their new found friends with you or they have “fallen in love with this bug and can’t bear to leave it outside where it belongs.” So…. again… do you have bugs? We do!
I have several jars and containers of bugs right now.

This picture is missing a plastic jar full of Roly-Poly’s too. They are my 3rd child’s favorite bug at this time. I call it, ‘The Bug of the Month’. I’ve challenged this kid to count their legs. (snicker)

Here we have Creepy Spider. (shudders) The kids are keeping this spider well fed with whatever bug they find. This spider does not discriminate on which bugs it likes to eat either. Great example of how to NOT be picky at the dinner table. (ugh) I have tried to leave some Roly-Poly bugs in this jar to clean up the scraps of this spiders meal but he eats them too. (ick)

The noisy bugs of the bunch is the cricket jar. We have one male and two females in there. The like fresh fruit to munch on best. The male will break out in song whenever he wants some company and my kids are finally starting to show that they are wearing thin of his racket. I have considered moving them into a kids room at night. Maybe these little crickets would be let go faster. (grin)

Somebody help me, we have baby mosquitoes too. I know! I know! What was I thinking? It’s all in the name of science here folks. We had to collect these nasty little squiggles from our disgusting dog water bowl.

No the dogs did NOT actually drink this water. (yuk) We had not been able to play in the backyard much due to rain and the dogs were drinking from their clean bowls in the garage. And NO I did not keep that syringe. (yuk! yuk!) It was a medicine syringe used to dose out a few prescriptions. We have a zillion of them so they are disposable to me.

The water bowl was the perfect collection site for baby mosquitoes. I even picked up an egg sack of them and we had a ton of babies everywhere. I am about as good at keeping baby mosquitoes alive (they eat algae!) as I am at keeping sea monkeys. The jar the babies are in is sealed and will not be opened until they are all… ahem… dead. Sorry! There are some bugs that will never make it back out in the wild from our home.

So… do you have any bugs?
I have plenty to share!
Want some? (snicker)


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