Locked Out of Our Car

Thursday, July 12, 2012

LockedOutA few weeks ago I was the cool mom and the freaked out mom. We went to the zoo to have a fun day of hanging out with the critters. Wait. Why did I go to the zoo? I can have a great day with the critters right here at home. Silly me...

Anywho! It was a fun day. I decided to not let it end and took everyone to play at the park near the zoo. There's tons of equipment to run, scream, chase, slide and swing on there. A really cool park! In our hurry to exit the vehicle in complete chaos to see who would get to the swings first an orderly fashion I set the keys down to help a little critter out of the van and left them. Not the critter... the KEYS! (Insert silent scream here)

Fortunately this did not hinder our fun at the park because I didn't realize I'd left the keys in the van until we were preparing to leave. I did have my cell phone on me so that was good. I had also (AMAZINGLY) left all the van windows cracked. Not incredibly cracked but they were open. I never do that! Never! So began the brain storming...

We soon came to the conclusion that no one who could reach their arm thru the cracked window could reach the button inside to unlock the van. I could have reached the lock if the window had been more cracked but alas, they weren't. Enter my wonderful, dear, sweet Mother to the rescue! (She had come to pick up one of my critters to take to another appointment later. See, we only have one vehicle and with four kids every now and again three of them have to be in different places around the same time. Can we say eep?! Yah... I mis-schedule things a lot around here. Eep!)

Right... the story... where was I? Oh! To the creature rescue! Wait.. too much Wild Kratts. My mom pulled an umbrella out of her car and my second child (who I can still lift and had the best range of motion after reaching thru the cracked window) became our hero by using that umbrella to push the unlock button and get us back in our van.

So, the moral of the story is:
Always be sure to crack your windows but in case of rain
take an umbrella with you so you can get back
in the car when you lock yourself out.
Don't lock yourself out of the car in the first place.


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