My House... The Plague

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I may not be writing much more than this for the week. See 3 out of my 4 kids are sick. Not just any ordinary sick either. They each have their very own variation of whatever this is and I am sure each variation will be shared. At least with me... I am trying REALLY hard to not put distance between me and them because I really hate being sick. They need me. Poor little things.

I am glad that our run with febrile seizures appears to be officially over. That's about the only good news from this illness. That sick kiddo has been in my bed with a low grade fever (VERY unusual to get low grade fever temps from this kid... was giddy about that though!) and learning how to vomit relatively neatly. Instead of all over my bed, floor and clothing... like the first time last night around 3 am.

I was spoiled by the awful fact that my other kiddo who had cyclic vomiting syndrome (CVS) could basically take care of themselves, clean everything up even and I was slight moral support and medicine administrator. (No, I never left them alone to care for everything. I did make an agreement to take turns though because an every 15 min vomit spree for 3 hours starting at 3am and going to 9 or 11am was a killer for both of us and I would still have 3 other kids to care for. Once they started recovery they got to sleep the day away to get better. I am the first to admit that my kids are tough!)

After last night, I remember now that I have a few kids who don't know the finer points of vomiting in a bucket. I am REALLY hoping this doesn't trigger a flare up of CVS for my poor kiddo though. We've been CVS free for quite awhile since we have identified everything going on being due to IBD (Don't you love all the acronyms? IBD is inflammatory bowel disease) and started diet change plus medication.

Please please please don't let them get this part of the illness! Just the head cold, since that's already started...

 Anywho... off track. Why am I even typing here in the first place? Right... I may be MIA (ha! got another acronym) for awhile while I help everyone through their various stages of illness and possibly come down with some of them myself. Quarantine of the ONE healthy child will happen today too. I hope they can keep up their usual, "they never get sick" going with all of this around. I am also going to have to keep everyone away from Hubby because his work schedule is nuts and no time off. UGH! Right... I am trying to tell you I'm not blogging for awhile because of illness but I can't seem to stop now. So tired... Trying to figure out how to make it through this day. Not even sure what amount of sleep I got last night.

Stay well! (wiping off screen....) Hope you don't get any of our germs just READING this post.


Sennie said...

Oh no, Dee!!! Praying for your family<3

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