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Thursday, August 30, 2012

I am so worn out from taking care of sick kiddos. (Not mad at them at all!) They are officially on the mend though! (YAY!) At least from their colds. That's a good thing... I am hoping for a full nights sleep tonight and that I do not catch all that they have had. We will see...

I just thought I'd share a fun little added book to our science program. I saw these at Cracker Barrel and while there are bits of information in the book I don't agree with, I've found this book to be quite fun!
I love how easy it is for the kids to read and there's always something for them to do with it. Even sick my one kiddo has hauled this book to their room, opened their window and worked on a section of it. (There own choice... boredom gets to sick kiddos.) Even the few items I question have encouraged questions from the kids too. So that's all good to me. I mean, I want to help my children learn and I do (try to) keep us in a God based learning environment, but we can't live under a rock. If everyone else is still learning science based theories as truth we should at least understand them and pick the way we want to go. Such a fine line to walk....

At any rate, we use this little book on the side of our regular Exploring Creation Zoology series that I ADORE! I only wish I had had the chance to learn science the way my kids do.

Just a little glimpse at some of what we do in our homeschool. The link above is an affiliate link too. Now it's time for me to work with someone on Math. yay. i love math. (Dripping sarcasm there!) I have to work REALLY hard to not let me kids fall into the, "I hate math" slump that I have.


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