CVS - Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What in the WORLD!? I always thought CVS was a store. Now I am finding out that one of my kiddos may have this. We began to wonder, our one kiddo was "always sick". We've even had others ask us this too. It's taken us awhile to get around to some answers, but we may be getting some. There are still some tests to be  accomplished to find out if something else is a cause yet, but CVS. It's not just a store.

Have you heard of this before? It's down right horrible. I am getting better at handling the 3:30am wake up calls that last until lunch... but what is this doing to my little baby? Ok, not so baby... but BABY to me! Always! I am noticing serious signs of anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, etc. I hate that this is happening! It's like their world is flipped upside down and I can't do much more than lay a cool washcloth over their neck and hand them a bucket.

And I thought I had enough to handle with one of our little loves having Febrile Seizures. Unexplained medical syndromes... ugh...


Sennie said...

My friend's daughter was diagnosed with CVS. I think she is doing better now, though. I hope you find answers and solutions, soon! So hard when our babies aren't well..

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