Life Upside Down

Sunday, June 07, 2009

If anyone is really reading this and my Tweets than you already kinda know what happened this week in my family. I definately feel like I am coming home from the planet Mars right now. It's really weird looking back over my posts for this week too, because they were all scheduled posts.

I am working on learning the balance of blogging and keeping up with my world. I've read on several blogs that they schedule their posts and just pick a day to take the time to write them all up. I thought that was brilliant, now I wonder because it seems so odd to me to be reading "normal" posts during a crisis. I dunno... guess I still have to work that all out or something.

At any rate, my youngest has Febrile Seizures. Basically whenever a fever is present or possible a seizure can and most likely will happen. This time was very different though I could not get a response after the first seizure that I witnessed and a second one immediately followed. The doctors even say there were THREE in a row but I did not see the last one because I was in the front of the ambulance. So now we have had all sorts of tests to see if anything else can be diagnosised, ruled out or whatever. Most of the tests came back normal which is wonderful and yet not all at the same time. The only thing that was off was the EEG and there will be another one later this month to see if there's still an issue there.

So for now we are just moved up to the next category: Complex Febrile Seizure. Seizure medication is now being given twice a day and we are also getting another prescription to help us STOP the seizures if one happens for longer then five minutes. YAY for that! I wonder why we were never given that before. Fevers are still most likely to cause the seizures though so we are still just in limbo with it all. Sigh...

It's amazing how a two day hospital stay can really flip you upside down. We are working on getting a routine back in order now but everyone is still kinda on edge.

Hug those little ones!


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