Hate Being Sick

Thursday, May 19, 2011

MugTissueSickBad Mom award for me here. I have four kids. When someone gets sick in our house, we ALL get sick. I always prefer if I get sick first because I have better empathy for when they get sick. It always ends up that I get sick while they are or right when they are finished being sick. I hate being sick.  

My bad Mom award isn’t about me being sick though. I give myself a bad Mom award because I am terrible at cuddling my kids when they are sick! Isn’t that awful?! That should be the time that I should cuddle my poor little babies. They already don’t feel good! Then on top of it all I am shooing them away with all their sniffles to be miserable on the opposite end of the couch. UGH!

It’s not that I don’t feel for them. It’s not that I don’t want to help them feel better. It’s because I am selfish. (Hiding behind a rock now!) I don’t want to get sick!! Total bad Mom award isn’t it? I need to just get over this and snuggle me up some sick kids. I have got to try harder to cuddle with my little sick darlings. Who will cough, sneeze and whip their noses on my sleeves. (EWWWW!) I have to try at least! We are currently in the throes of illness as I type this and I am trying. And I have gotten sick. Sigh…

On the flip side, I don’t want cuddled when I am sick though. I make everyone stay away so they don’t get sick. Whenever I am sick I feel how miserable it is and don’t want to wish it on anyone!

Do you cuddle your sick little’s? My Hubbie is MUCH better in this area then me. He’s the one who usually takes ‘em down to the couch at night to watch movies and cuddle. He says it’s to help them sleep. Isn’t he sweet?


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