Pushed too Far

Saturday, January 22, 2011

ZeekOh boy! I need to take some calming medicine, tea or something! I’ve noticed my stress meter going through the roof. We have been in the throes of rearranging our entire house so that we can move rooms around for better setups, painting, dealing with the aftermath of Christmas and Squeaks doctors appointments plus all the other kiddo's activities and illness. This was the sign that I had reached my limit:

We have two dogs and I wanted them to get out of the living room. Our 12 yr old weimeraner is deaf though so getting my point across is frustrating. So I do what any mother would do to get her errant child to respond... I started counting to 3. Well, I only got to 1 before I started laughing so hard that he thought I wanted to play. That did get him out of the living room at least but I was more thankful for the stress relief. Thanks sweet old boy!


Jessi said...

Hahahaha! I can totally identify. I clicked on a website someone recommended and there was an automatic audio file that started when the page loaded. The hubz was on the phone, so I shooshed the computer. "Shhh...he's on the phone." And I was totally serious. Once I realized what I'd done, I lost it. It took forever to regain my composure.

I think you and I need some vacations, mama!

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