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Monday, January 24, 2011

Is it too late for resolutions? I will admit it. I am notorious for failing at New Year’s resolutions. The oddest thing about my resolution this year is it has to do with just that: keeping a resolution. Or finishing what I started at least.

Oh and before you get to far along I need to tell ya, there’s an affiliate link in this post. Hehe… Just had to share. Now back to the previously entertaining post.

I love having hobbies! I also love my four kiddos, homeschool, enjoy a clean house, need to eat, etc. In order to accommodate life my hobbies get shoved to the side. They are all half baked! I started them all with the best intentions and never finished them. So my resolution? To TRY and finish some! Where should I begin?

Here’s my list:
HalfBaked3- Apron (sewing) I want to MAKE one! I have everything I need too. Just add time! Do you want one? Maybe making one for someone else will prompt me. Oh wait, I was supposed to make one of these for someone for Christmas! Sigh… This Christmas now? I have plenty of time! I have already put a lock down on my fabric. I can't buy anymore until I use some up. That's driving me nuts too!

- Scrapbooking (Digitally) Once again, I have everything I need. An AWESOME software (you have got to check it out… super cool, easy software), packs of paper and embellishments galore so why is it so hard for me to get started!? I always find a distraction and for some reason I require being entirely organized before I even start. Grrrrr… So I am starting the process of organizing my pictures. I hope it doesn’t take too long!

HalfBaked1- Hair Barrettes… They are so CUTE! I need more heads to put them on… hehe… I love them! I know once I get started it’s not that complicated too. Quite easy to complete actually. Maybe sell them? HAHAHA That’s another post. I don’t sell anything… never works out.

- Photography… I love taking pictures. I am finding that I obsess on pictures so much that I have a hard time just clicking a snapshot. Oh and my horrible habit of leaving my camera at home. Probably should just be more diligent to carry it with me first.

I think if I just accomplished ONE of these things I’d be thrilled. How about you? Do you have some hobbies you need to finish “baking”? Maybe poked at to check if it needs flipped at least? Hehehe…


Melinda said...

Would you believe I have an unfinished quilt started when i was pregnant with my first born? He graduates from high school in May. Blushing.

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