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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Websites about Worms!
We finally got our worm farm setup! I am so excited and cannot wait to see how they will do in their new home. I definately feel that this will be a learning process (yah, Still Learning! Hahaha!) and that things may change with this setup as we move along. The directions that I followed had a few discrepancies:

1. The aeration holes to add at the top of the bin should be smaller than the holes in the bottom of the bin.

2. There's no need to stuff cloth or netting around the sides of the boxes when they are gapping a bit to keep other bugs out because other bugs can find their way in through the aeration holes just as easy. Sigh...

3. Putting a spigot or tap to the bottom box for drainging any "worm tea" is not an easy project. It may not even be necessary as you can just place the worm home bin inside another bin and then lift off the home to pour out the tea when there is enough to use. (This has not been confirmed or tested yet though.)

Do you have a worm farm? Let me know with a comment... I'd love to check out other worm farms.


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