Selling Blues...

Monday, June 01, 2009

We had a garage sale over the weekend and I am so glad to see so many things get out of my house. I wish I could have sold more or found more to sell even! It's all good though because even without major sales the end of a garage sale always means I have things to donate to a Good Will or Salvation Army bin somewhere.

The best seller of a garage sale is never what is expected, is it? Of course the kiddos with their lemonade stand was a BIG hit. Several people stopped at the sale just to visit their stand and I did not mind that one bit. :) My hottest sellers of the sale were Glade plugins, toothpaste and notebooks. I had lots of toys out there that were never even touched! I was pretty surprised at what did move.

My hubbie did get a chance to poke around at some other sales though and found a great bike for our oldest. All the kiddos get to upgrade on bikes now and they love that! We took the money out of the garage sale money to buy the bike which was also nice. We have not decided what we will do with the rest of the money that we made. It's not astronomical but way better than my last garage sale that brought in a whole whopping $18 in two days! That was awful!

Do you have plans for a garage sale soon? What's your best garage sale tip?


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