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Monday, May 18, 2009

Great for Plants
I am just so excited right now and you'll never guess what I am excited about. Well, you can try but keep in mind that some things that excite me make other people look at my like I must have lost my mind! Hehehe...

I am excited because of two things:
1. We are cleaning the garage!! Now that's exciting, isn't it? I have hubbie lined up to help with getting the whole garage cleaned up and reorganized before the association garage sale at the end of the month. YAY! I hope we can stick to our plan... (I know end of the month garage sales don't do as well as beginning of the month sales, but we are going with the majority and the cheap advertisment.)

2. I am going to start a worm farm! Yes, you are reading that correctly. And I am more excited about this than I am about cleaning the garage! I've been wanting a worm farm ever since I read about it one on Garden Desk. The thing is that my garden budget is already toast. I decided to do the next best thing while I waited patiently (there it is again! patience when gardening... grrr) to save up for a deluxe worm farm. I started researching on what makes a good working worm farm. During my research I stumbled across some DIY (do-it-yourself) plans that I could handle. You can really find anthing on the internet. It's scarey! Well, anything except yourself sometimes.

So after the garage is straightened up I intend to start on OUR worm farm project. The kids are excited too. You can see the info I found here:
How to Make Your Own Worm Farm
Cheap and Easy Worm Bin!
Composting with Redworms - Awesome information!
Red Worm Composting - It's a worm blog! Just goes to show there is something for everyone. They sell worms too!

Check out the directions and get your own inspiration. Let me know if you decide to make your own worm farm and feel free to share links to pictures of the finished project.

A parting funnie from my oldest:
"How do worms know which way to go?"

Never fear, we are getting a book from the library to learn how a worm knows which way to go. (snickers)

Take care!


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