Cow Milk in the Raw

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

imageIt's great stuff isn't it? Some of you may be cringing right now due to allergies. So sorry! I love COW’s milk and I love that we now get it RAW from a local, small, clean dairy farm. Fattening cream and all! Bring it on! The whole myth that raw cow milk is bad for you is a bunch of... ahem...

Doesn’t it look SO YUMMO?!

CowMilkOur second child is diagnosed with (IBD) colitis and I knew that something needed to change at home. After all, you are what you eat right? (Notice: I am not a doctor nor nutritionist. I am only announcing what has worked for our family. You should talk with your doctor and make a decision that is best for your family when it comes to anything you eat.)

Since I have changed our diet I have lost 20+ pounds and my "always will be ill because there is no cure" child is thriving! (Raw) Cow milk is only a small piece of our diet change. I have also been having us avoid basically all processed food, food containing high fructose corn syrup, soybean/canola/cottonseed oils or any other possible GMO food, carrageenan and so much more.

CowMilk1If you ever decide to try raw cow milk, just be sure to visit the farm you choose to get your cow milk from and make sure things are operated in a clean and precise manner. AND start with it slowly. Mix it with milk you are used to until you are ready for it. We can't switch back now. Tastes weird from the stores. We tolerate it when we run out of our raw milk, but it's just not the same. Be sure to SHAKE your cow’s milk well before drinking to mix the cream and milk together again. Hehe… Yum!

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Shana said...

I had never heard of cows milk in the raw but I am intrigued. The brand of milk I buy is from a local farm that uses no hormones or additives so it's one of the better choices but I am now wondering if they offer local purchasing as well.

Dee L said...

It sounds like you may already be getting milk "in the raw" or "raw cow's milk". If it is not pasteurized, than it is raw milk.

Great stuff!

Andy Brown said...

Hi Dee. I've never seen raw cows milk sold in the uk. I live in the country and never seen it advertised in any farms nearby.


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