Baby Bunny Nests

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

imageEvery year... well... for the last 2 years I have been having baby bunnies sprout from my garden faster than anything else. They overrun my strawberry patch and reek havoc on the entire garden. I am not the type of person to take a shotgun or poison to them either. I just suffer through. Mainly because I just can't stand to kill something. UGH! Plus I would have a complete riot on my hands in the house with some of my kids if I did.

BunnyHoleThey are already trying to make nests in the garden!!! I just pulled one out the other day. It was about a foot deep! ARGH! Fortunately there was no babies in the nest yet. Just a lot of grass….

Last years the little fuzz balls were put under protection but then they all got killed by the dogs. Seriously! Why do I try and be nice and let them live. I need to see if I have any pictures because one of those years I "protected" the baby bunnies from the DOGS! They have decimated my strawberry bed but yet I protected them. (Help me!)

This year I had a plan! No... no bunnies will be harmed in my plan but I hope it works. We have already been out in the  garden to prep it for planting. I moved things and around and I was going to place bird netting over my strawberry patch. Sadly, I found out that I had no strawberry plants to protect! Sigh… I intend to make a trip to the garden everyday until baby bunny season is over and remove their rotten nests! want my garden back! I don't want to find fuzzy tails or little ears in my yard either. Yah... on that note...

How do you prevent furry critters from partying in your garden?
I need any tips I can get... or maybe a bit more grit.

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Lynn Proctor said...

awww adorable problem ;)

Stacy said...

I have placed a bird netting over my garden beds. Not only does it keep the birds away, it also helps to keep my cats from leaving presents in my garden beds. It would probably keep bunnies out too.

Found this post via TGP. I hope I could help!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Lynn above though once you read this I may need to think twice before starting up my car! What a cute problem to have. I hope your kids put the bunnies under the relocation program! Good luck...

Andy Brown said...

Hey, another really nice post. It's a jolly good read. See you tomorrow.

Crafty Gardener said...


Thanks for stopping by. What a problem to have. They are cute, but sure can bring on havoc. Hope you have a successful garden and bunny relocation.

Yael from Home Garden Diggers

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