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Saturday, March 16, 2013

GoogleRImgAlright! Who's idea was it to break the blog world yet again? First it was Google Friends Connect and now it is Google Reader. They set something up, lure us all in, hook and take it away. That's like fishing with fake bait. Not only do the fish get caught, they don't even get a last meal! Cruel I tell ya... I'm never really concerned about the worm, am I? Poor things.

Anywho! Off topic... Google Reader. Who uses it? Some people hate it... if you are one who hates it, give us the ideas that you use to keep up with your favorite blogs! I'd love to see more options. For those of you who do use it and are getting the rug pulled out from under you, here are some other options:

This is totally awesome! Feedly will pull all your Google Reader feeds (STARRED items and all) in to their account and keep it even after Reader dumps us. Yay! I have moved over to it already and I have to say it is a pretty cool reader. I think it’s a very clean reader and there are a lot of features to get used to but I like features. The extra bonus is that you can use this reader on computer, tablet or phone!

Yes, I know... Twitter is a social media not a RSS feed. But think outside the box a bit. Follow all of your current RSS feed favorites on Twitter and put them in one list all together. Generally those with a blog tweet their posts so you will have a somewhat haphazard feed with fun commentary too. You could use Facebook and Google+ in a similiar way. You would have to create lists and circles there to separate everything out.

Blogger Reading List
For those of us with a Blogger blog (still) we might be able to continue using our feeds from the main page of Blogger. I believe that list will stay there even though Google Reader is exiting the scene. Maybe not? If anyone knows otherwise, please inform me and I will cross this out as an alternative. Blogger Reading List isn't the easiest thing in the world to move through, but it's at least there.

FeeddlerImgFeeddler App
I have a reader on my IPad called Feeddler. I think it’s available in the Android market too. I have not checked yet to see if it will KEEP my feeds after Google Reader dies or if it’s just syncing with Google Reader yet though. It is a nifty little app though… for now…

Disclaimer: I do not own nor was I contacted by any of the sites listed/linked above. This is just my opinion. I am trying to help others with resources.


Mendy Dinsmore said...

I hate that Google reader is going away. I use it a lot. What do you think most bloggers are going to switch to?
mendyd15 at yahoo dot com

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