This too Shall Pass

Thursday, March 14, 2013

This has been such a fun week. (NOT) I don't even know where to begin with it all either. I hope that it's wrapping up soon though because I can only take so much more before I crack. And not in a good way either!

Our furnace broke. It's always leaking water because it's a highly efficient water heat pump style furnace. See that picture to the side there? That's an igniter/pilot light thingie-ma-jiggy. It's kind of a technical term. Just so you know though, it's not supposed to be rusted. The genius who engineered it decided that the water pipe for draining should be installed right over the pilot light. Yah... directly over top. So if the pipe for the water to drain breaks guess what happens. You got it! I'm just a house wife. Shouldn't know these kinds of the things though... I can officially report that gravity works and all the water that is supposed to nicely drain through whatever system it does in the furnace will drain right into the igniter/pilot light area of the furnace when the drain pipe breaks off. I think I should teach a school lesson on this to my kids. One of them may become an engineer someday and they will need to pay attention to these minor details.

Okay, so maybe it's not THAT simple when you are putting a monster heater together and there really has to be SOME logic to the placement of that drain (that has caused us fits since we had this house built). I will give them the benefit of the doubt. I am thankful it is working again. VERY thankful!

The financial hit to our already incredibly dwindling savings account is not what we needed right now. Really though, who ever needs hits to savings? I am very glad we have these savings! We worked hard to get them to what they are right now... or were. There is so much going on with our finances that is out of our control that I may just lose it. We will be literally losing some of it. And I was recently contacted that some of the paperwork on our tax return was incorrect and we will need to amend our return. Fabulous! What's this going to cost us?! ARGH! Was so hoping to take a really awesome vacation with the kids this year and it's most likely entirely off the table because we have nothing to pay for it. Yet again. Our second vehicle's broken fuel pump used up the first part of that savings, the furnace is working on the next half and our paycheck losses will finish it and the other part of our savings off. Oh and did I mention that I think our other vehicle may be going on the fritz? Not sure yet... it's making a lot of weird noises though.

Yet... through this all, we will continue to be thankful and to tithe. We would not have the money we have to pay for these mishaps if God hadn't helped us through last year to get where we are now. Have you ever heard of God's math? I am quite familiar with it. When times are good... times are good! When times are bad... you have to remember the good times and the promise that He will get you through it all again. And again. And maybe even again.

This too shall pass. This too shall pass. This too shall pass.


Lisa said...

I'm so glad you linked up this week! I have heard of God's math--we've been living it for a few years now. And it's scary and interesting and exciting and did I mention scary?!

I'm sorry about the frustrations of broken heaters and cars, etc.

Susan said...

Keep focusing on God. Praise Him during this time. It won't be long until the sun is shining again:)

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