Tuesday, August 07, 2012

We went. We survived. We will do it again!

TentMy Husband and I have a lot of fond memories of camping with our families. We have always wanted to continue these with our children. So once, a long time ago, we tried. It was a complete disaster! (More about that another time….) So we tried a few more times with backup adults around us and had more success. It was time to try a solo camping trip again with our little brood. They are all much older than the first time so it was bound to go better. Right? It started out with setting up the beast. Our tent. LOVE this tent. It has closets!
And a PORCH! CampingPorch
So yah… this is my kind of tent camping! (Note to self: Area rug would be better than a tablecloth. Next time…)

CampPancakesHubby is an excellent campfire chef and had meals with little problems ready for us to eat. We ate pre-mixed gingerbread pancakes, hamburgers, corn on the cob, chicken kabobs, sandwiches and more. I packed way too many snacks but taking bottled water instead of coolers and cups was perfect! We also ate way too many s’mores. (Note to self: Pack screened in tent at all costs. The flies were worse beggers than our dogs!)

Our kids experienced freedom in the neat empty campground that they rarely get anywhere else due to cars, people, etc just being everywhere. They played at the park non-stop, we went swimming several times and the hikes to the bathroom weren’t grumbled against… except for the several times that my kids tripped on roots and scraped their knees. I guess we are better outfitted for flat ground?! (Note to self: Dark comes FAST at campgrounds. Always be sure to have flashlights handy and issue them to children when they head to the bathroom after dinner. OH and walkie talkies would have been very beneficial. Very.)

We did NOT try this slide. CrazySlide
Doesn’t this just say, “call 911” all over it?!
This was more than a 10 foot drop down. (shudder)

One of my younger ones brought this little tidbit to me with some amazing information:CampingLeaf
“Isn’t this a syrup leaf?”
Wow… I guess they all pay attention during field trips! We are always impressed by the memory of this little one.

To finish off this rather nice camping trip (that did have maddening, yet funny now, moments of getting locked off the campgrounds, having unfixable hole in an air mattress, loss of food in the campfire during flipping, etc) we took the scenic route home and stumbled across this:
A purple martin sanctuary! I had never before seen so many birdhouses in one place. There were more on the other side of the house. Their mosquito population must be ZIP!

So what was your last camping trip like?
Do you camp? Tent or RV?


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