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Friday, July 06, 2012

I know a lot of people have bigger problems than old pets, but that’s what has been heavy ZeekPuppyon my mind this week. Our old Weim, Zeek, is… old. Medicines and herbs are not helping anymore. He’s just old and falling down the stairs too often. He’s always been one to push me to my limit, but he’s still my sweet puppy. We hand picked him from these three little guys that were left in his litter. I believe he’s the one on the right. All those puppies were SO cute! It felt like we had to wait forever to go back and get him.

ZeekYoungI remember how much he has been through with us. This has not been a cheap dog! He has always had horrible separation anxiety issues to the point of collapsing a cage on himself (surgery required) and causing me to always be late in getting back to work after my lunch when he was a pup. I had to go home and let him out and play with him, he needed that. Thinking back, I needed it too. It was nice to get out of the office and just play. I remember the time he ran into a tree while playing fetch and caught a stick down his throat (another surgery needed)! Poor guy… it’s hard seeing him now when he can’t even play fetch when you throw a ball two feet. I can still remember him with so much energy that he couldn’t hardly sit still! Everything he did, he did with his whole heart! He’s my shadow that follows me from room to room. And he’s put up with all the other pets we have brought into our home too.

ZeekGroupsThe kitty (Simon) on the top was with me before we got married. Simon had to put up with Zeek but they have had a lot of fun! Hehe… Simon is 16 years old and currently in kidney failure. He’s still doing really well though, all things considering. He is being pampered in his own right. Zeek was NEVER left unattended with a bunny (Freckles in the bottom right passed away almost 5 years ago). Zeek tolerated the other pets and especially bunnies because he knew they were mine but he would have killed one given the opportunity. He was so good to put up with me! Rigley (bottom left) was the best thing for Zeek. Zeek’s separation anxiety disappeared when we brought that mop home! It’s been so fun to watch their relationship and Zeek assisted greatly in Rigley’s training.

We all try and help Zeek now, don’t bump in to him, play gently with him, endure his new tricks (even if they drive us nuts… hehe… silly dog!) but it’s not working well anymore. Zeek2012He’s not able to stand up after laying down sometimes and we can’t keep his weight up anymore. This picture was just taken this week and he still looks really good here! It’s all in the way he was laying down though. He growled at me a few times when I tried to (very gently!) move him to a “better pose”. I decided to get what I could and left him however he decided to lay. I won’t take a picture of him to show how skinny he is.

All week I’ve been grieving the loss of him while he’s still with us. Is it weird that I like to grieve while the animal is still with us? Sudden pet deaths, like our bunnies, surprised me and I don’t feel like I ever really said goodbye.

I hope that everyone who has a dog could have as a good a dog as Zeek has been for us. He’s our first baby since we got married! He’s 12+ years old and sometimes still thinks he’s 3. I feel like I am betraying him today and loosing my best friend. Even after all the times he has made me so frustrated with him, I have always loved him. I know it’s what is best for him and I rather it hurt me more than him. Soon something may hurt him so much that he will hate us and I don’t want to see that in him. Ever!


Our newest family member is Frenchie (upper right). She’s from the SPCA and she just came home with us last week to help keep Rigley company and help fill the hole in our family. No dog could ever replace Zeek but she is creating a new spot in our family. She’s a sweet thing and we are happy to have her. Zeek enjoys her more than I expected him too but maybe he’s doing it all for me again.


Sakura said...

Wow, I'm sitting here at my Mac crying. I have a Zeek, but mine is named Kuma. She is a 12 yo Shiba Inu that I received her as a Christmas gift from my loving husband back in 2000. She has been one of the best and worst "kids" I've raised. I can relate to your story of watching our pets change. She has had a hard time walking on anything but grass and carpet, she slips all the time. Whenever she lays down to sleep I seem to always nudge her to make sure she's still here. I know that one day she'll be leaving us, but I'm not ready to let my shadow go. This has been on the back of my mind all year. Your dog is lovely, I'm so sorry for your loss. Thank you for letting me cry and comment on your site.

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