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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Today is a pretty laid back day. My Hubby just arrived home late yesterday and now we are all fighting with each other over who gets to spend time with him. Hehe... Okay, we are being nice. The older two are sitting at the kitchen table accomplishing TWO days of school while the little ones are happily taking a bike ride with Daddy. LOVE it! Quality time spent as well as QUIET time.

I'm changing my blogging style a bit. I am a non-consecutive blogger. Do you know what that is? Well, it's me. I do not blog in order of events. Some of this is because I never find time to blog an event as it happens but it's also because I am the blogger who holds anonymity close to heart. Blogging non-consecutive events helps me feel more like I am throwing everyone off my trail. (Or maybe I've just read/watched too many spy stories.) At any rate, I'm hoping to get a little more consecutive in my blogging because when I read other people's blogs I really like the way they read. I love keeping up with immediate updates of life. I want to be more like that.

It's not going to be easy... Someday everyone will have to know who I am because I am sooooooo stinkin' proud of my kids and I want to splatter their adorable little faces all over this blog with their fantastic success stories. But... I refrain. For awhile longer, at least. I will embrace this latest change of being a more consecutive blogger.

Baby steps out of the darkness of anonymity. Baby steps....

Could you let me know what you think about anonymous
blogging in the poll on my sidebar?
I'm interested in how people feel about this topic.


Sennie said...

I'll have to think about your poll. Not sure how I'd answer. I do want some anonymity, so I don't use our real names or usually mention the town we are in, but I do post pics. I think it's harder to follow a blog that doesn't have pics of people, but I do follow yours:)
These are tough questions, as it involved not just our own privacy, but our kids as well, and once it's posted online, you can't take it back. Maybe I'd pick the last answer - you have to be careful either way.

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