My Coupons Blew Away

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Usually my coupon box looks like this:
Neat. Tidy. Organized.
Yesterday that all changed.
This is how NOT to store or organize coupons.


As I was walking into the store my box fell open. I am not even sure what I have in this bag right now because most of my coupons blew away. Yes… Blew away. I was horrified! Stunned! Crushed! And now I am in pain from chasing coupons all over the front of the store. Ugh…

This was WAY worse then when I just spilled my box. This time they BLEW AWAY!

Am I crazy for being so upset about this?
No wait.. don’t answer that! Hehe…

I was really upset yesterday. REALLY upset. I think I’ve lost every last marble I ever had. Now time to prepare for the garage sale this weekend instead of any deal planning I had in mind. Sigh…

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Bed Bath and Beyond Coupon said...

No you are not crazy for getting upset. clipping and then organizing coupons can be a lot of work and I'd be upset as well if what I have put time into doing just comes undone. I'd love to watch you chasing after coupons though... that will be hilarious.

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