Stunning Sunset

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sometimes throughout the week I find myself traveling the same route around the same time. I always see these awesome moments to take a picture and I don’t because 1. I’m driving and 2. I’m not prepared to take a picture of something because I’m driving! There’s a driving theme here…

Anyway, I finally prepared BEFORE I started driving! I had to prepare a few times actually because this photo op only happens for less than a minute in the drive and because… well… I’m driving I cannot plan the picture. All I can do is hold up my phone and hope it takes a cool shot.

”Sorry officer! I was just trying to get this really cool shot off before running into the center median. My bad….”

I think I got it…

Finally! Now I will get back to paying attention to just driving. M’kay?

Don’t try this at home. Well, maybe at home. Parked. In the driveway. Don’t try this while driving!

I seriously doubt I will ever have a WORDLESS Wednesday post. I need to try that sometime. Ya’ll might be a bit happier with me.

5 Minutes for Mom


Jhona O. said...

BEAUTIFUL photo! I'm glad you got that shot and you stayed safe:) Your post made me laugh and I thank you for that! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you'll get to visit Winter. It was really special. I have a dolphin obsessed kiddo, too! Have a great day:)

Valerie Sorrells said...

Great shot!! love your site too.

Sherry said...

Such a stunning photo! Glad you finally left home prepared to capture that! Thanks for the smart tip about staining our raised garden bed...I had never thought about that. Here I was just concerning myself with aesthetics when there was actually a good reason to leave it be! I'll have to pretty it up with tons of gorgeous veggies then...xox

Anonymous said...

Love the pic! And I can't imagine you having a truly Wordless Wednesday. I think the stories you give are what actually MAKE the picture great. Just change it to "Wordy Wednesday"!

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