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Thursday, May 17, 2012

I have a ton of posts in draft form just waiting for me to tidy them up and click publish. Yet, I don't. I'm not sure why I don't on some of them either. Quirky blogging habit I suppose.

At any rate, I visit blogs a lot. Probably a lot more then I should. Like right now there's a sink of dishes looking at me, 3 kids need bags packed for the day and my garden outside is panting for water. What might you find me doing instead? Reading blogs. I love them! It's like reading a bunch of little books all at once. I love reading. When I come across a blog that is apologizing for not posting I think, "Preaching to the choir there sister (or brother)! Preaching to the choir!" We all have moments were we cannot find time to blog. You know what I say though?


I give you full permission to not blog. Yes, you might miss out on something in the bloggy world. You have articles that need submitted and maybe it's your job. (Obviously if it is your job and lively hood you should disregard me right now and get back to writing something though... right? Hehehe....) But think about it. If you are not blogging, what are you most likely doing? Myself I am finishing up chores, projects or spending time with my man or the kids. Now... isn't that life? Isn't that better than sitting in front of the computer like i am right now instead of what I should be doing all day? PLUS... and this is the big-ie! Would you have something to blog about if you didn't live and take some time to NOT blog?

Hehe... That seems kind of like a catch-22 there doesn't it? I want to blog but if that's all I do, I don't live life so then I have nothing to blog about. EEP!

I already run in circles enough so I'm stating right here and now (and I hope I will remember this too... remind me if I don't...) I may not blog every week and that's okay. If I'm not blogging, you'll find me living life with my family. I may live life so much that I forget to tell my computer all about it. I will still have my blog around though for when I happen to pop in and write something about all this living I'm doing. I don't want to feel anymore guilt then I already do in my life so I'm going to try to stop being guilty about blogging.

Have a great day! Blogging or not! :)


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