Starting Seeds Early

Thursday, March 03, 2011

I love getting a head start on my garden! Last year I was not able to grow what I wanted indoors because… well.. I was having a baby! Hehe… And like EVERY year I start to think about gardening I start researching, checking things out and decide to try something new. This year I am doing a garden OVERHAUL! Not only am I trying some new varieties of seeds, I am starting my plants indoors different AND I am setting up my entire garden in a different way. More on that later…

I should have started my seeds indoors about 2 weeks ago, but I am glad to at least have this jump start. I found another square foot gardener who has an awesome blog with lots of great information and watched her video on starting seeds indoors. I had a huge AHA moment watching her video. All the problems I’ve had in the past were addressed so simply and easily (mold, not enough water, heat, transplanting issues, etc) I am now copying her method as best I can. I HIGHLY recommend that you check her ideas out: Starting Seeds Indoors by My Square Foot Garden 

Now I could NOT locate nice little pots for my plants like she did. I was also feeling a little weird searching for “pot” online. HAHA I even received some Swagbucks for the searching too! HAHAHA At any rate, I went a different route and found these little beauties!

My Hubbie was great and drilled some holes in the bottom of them and I ended up with a different bin because they were on clearance, but I can fit 15 total dishes in each bin. I am using 2 bins so I have started 30 peppers and tomatoes inside! (I winter sew my cukes, squash, etc.)

So then I started in with gathering my supplies, mixing dirt and water, putting the dirt into the dishes and planting my little seeds! I am so excited!!! I can’t wait to see how many little green seedlings pop up in the next few week! I keep checking them everyday, like something should happen now? HAHAHA A watched pot never boils! Sigh…

How are you doing on your gardening plans? I’d love to see what you have started in seedlings for this year!

PS- I linked up LATE, but I linked up to An Oregon Cottage's garden meme! So excited to check out the other blogs now. Head over there to check out some other garden related posts.


Jessica said...

I am so behind on getting my garden started. I haven't even figured out what I want to plant. Thanks for reminding me I need to get started on my garden NOW.

Jami said...

Yeah for you- getting the seeds started is the biggest hurdle! Thanks for sharing this. :-)

An Oregon Cottage

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