Winter Sowing Success!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I’m in LOVE! This is the EASIEST way to start your plants early for your garden. The problem I have been having with this is that the plants get too big too fast! I think that’s a pretty good problem, don’t you? Check it out! Can you recognize the plants in the pictures below?

These pictures are (sadly) from 3 weeks ago… for some reason I took the pictures and then never seemed to find the time to POST the pictures. Hmmm… Life in the way of a life blogger? Interesting. I also neglected to water my Lemon Cucumbers (bottom middle) and they are looking a little pathetic. I am working on coaxing them back to full glory now. They are perking up a bit. Poor things… Life in the way of a gardener? Grrr…

I intend to make a few changes to my methods of this next year. Like I will add more dirt into the milk jugs during planting due to the plants getting root bound fairly quickly. I will also plant Zucchinis and Cucumbers later. They tend to grow quickly! Herbs, tomatoes (I didn’t plant any this year this way but intend to try them like this next year) and peppers will be planted early like these I tried this year. It takes them a lot longer to come up. Peas, beans, radish, lettuce and kohlrabi will be planted start in the garden like again because they are doing GREAT!

I am loving how tall my sugar snap peas are getting! This was only the first planting coming up here too. My asparagus has done wonderful again as well. I should have some to harvest next year.  I also started a section of rhubarb! Can’t WAIT for that next year now. Wooowho!

So how is your garden growing? What method of gardening do you use too? Have you ever tried growing plants from seed and transplanting to your garden? I used to buy all my plants from the stores and nurseries around me but now I start most plants from seed. Seeds are so much less expensive and have so much more of an emotional attachment which makes me want to take care of the plants more too. Hehe… A whole method to the seed madness there isn’t there?
I love seeds! I love winter sowing!!!

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