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Monday, February 22, 2010

My mother-n-law says that "women in labor are possessed". She says, "Nothing that a woman does while in labor can be held against her." That's good... because I don't remember even HALF of our recent little one's delivery. That's a little scary to me too.

Everything happened so fast! Once it started happening. I feel like this was one of my most painful deliveries as well as the one that I really lost it on. I didn't have as much "funnies" happening like I did with the others. My other deliveries had lighter moments to get me through it all. Maybe it's because labor actually started 2 weeks ago for this one and I was just so worn out. Who knows... It's a relief to have it over and the little one is here to cuddle up. I am mourning the pregnancy phase being over in some respects.

I remember starting contractions (again) around 10:30pm on Monday. They felt different but I still didn't believe it could be labor. I had already slept a few hours because I had gone to bed REALLY early due to being so tired. The contractions started out 5 minutes apart and consistently stayed that way for the next few hours. When Hubbie came in to bed around 12am I was getting very uncomfortable. All my focus was on trying to relax between contractions. We didn't have to wait too much longer because my water broke around 12:40am. That got EVERYONE moving pretty quick. Except me. I was just breathing. :)

This is where things begin to get very fuzzy. See when I labor one of my focusing elements is the back of my eyelids. Hehe... I disturb a lot of people (like my mom) with this because they really want me to look at something to "take my mind off the pain" but I just can't seem to do that. I know I kept up on my breathing. The trip to the hospital was short. I remember that I had a horrible contraction while trying to get in the van and poor Hubbie ended up holding me up with my coat half in and out of the van.

Once at the hospital I am really at a loss for what happened in what order. I don't know why this time my mind seemed to be so out of it. I have heard my Hubbie, mom and mother-n-law tell stories of different things that happened, but I really can't remember them myself. It's really odd. Here's what I can remember:
  • I did not get an epidural. (More on why I am so crazy later. (Well, not literally me crazy but the crazy decision. (Not to say that I am not crazy. (I think I am digging myself a hole here and I'm lost in... 1)2)3)4)!
  • I freaked out beyond belief about the needles. Be it the IV or any others. Breathing through contractions but sobbing uncontrollably because of the IV. It was pathetic!
  • I did receive a pain reliever of some sorts in my IV. New-bane? I dunno... It was a welcome relief at the time but made me very confused and stalled out my contractions a bit.
  • I really should have reviewed breathing and pushing techniques before labor hit. I picked up on the breathing, but they might as well have been speaking a foreign language with the pushing instructions.
  • I think I broke the bed! To get me through contractions I was hitting the bed or pulling on the sides of it. I was and still am sore from all of that. It did help me keep a rhythm but I wish now that I had not been so violent about it all. I don't usually hit things... ever! It hurt, ya know?
  • The pushing part HURT because I fought it this time. Dumb move... Don't fight pushing just go with it. I'm not sure how long it all lasted but it felt forever for me. From the stories I've heard everyone else say, I was off my rocker pretty good by this point. I wish I could remember it. It sounds like it would have been funny.
So yah, this may have been my quickest labor in from the time my water broke to delivery, but (in my books) it's my most traumatic delivery to date. One of the nurses actually asked me if I intended to have anymore babies at one point during the delivery?! Are you serious?!! I remember hearing Hubbie step in and say, "This is not the time to make a decision like that." I could have smacked her. HAHAHAHA Recovery with this little one has been much quicker and that is SOOOO nice!

Of course, the end results make everything so worth it! I would do it all again just to be able to hold this little one in my arms.

If you have a delivery story, link up in the comments! Or if you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will respond in the comments. I may have to write up the other delivery stories too now. :)


Cheryl@SomewhatCrunchy said...

Awwww congratulations!! What a blessing.

I've only had 2 babies, but my second was the shortest and by far the most traumatic.

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