Seeds Indoors Germinated!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I am so THRILLED! Two weeks ago my little seedlings looked like THIS:

Seedlings 3-8
Aren’t they ADORABLE?! These little guys have kept my spirits up the last few weeks. I can’t explain why they made me so happy either, they just did. It was so fun to get this all setup this year!

Than they developed into THESE:
Seedling Thinning 3-16
Love Love LOVE it!

Seedlings 3-16
I had to be the bad guy and thin them out though. SOBS! It was a sad day for me and my little plants.

Seedling Thinning 3-16a
All is well and they are doing great. I am so excited because this is the FURTHEST I have ever gotten with starting tomatoes and peppers indoors. It’s absolutely wonderful and I am giddy with reaching a successful planting come May. My little plants now range from 1in to 3in tall! Usually I get the true leaves on the plant and then mold takes them over, they wilt or something else happens. I've never started tomatoes and peppers indoors yet that I have successfully moved to my garden. Beans (mistake, just plant them outside!), zuchs, cukes, etc I have been able to start and get in the garden though. So excited!

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Adrienne said...

Exciting! The boys and I atarted a veggie garden last year. It didn't go so well. keep it up! :)

Candi said...

Wow! They look great! I hate thinning out too. Makes me feel so bad :( But think of how beautiful and big the others will get. :)

Beth said...

It's hard to "kill" (thin) isn't it after you've invested so much emotional energy in germination and growth!

Jami said...

Oh, but the babies left will thank you! Sometimes I have to get out some more containers and transplant those little babies, I just can't help it. ;-) If I can't find a place for them, I can usually find someone to take them!

Love it!
An Oregon Cottage

Denise said...

I usually have pretty good success with my own tomato seeds, but isn't thinning them terrible, I hate doing that, but I know it's best for them :)

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