Learning Foreign Language

Friday, March 25, 2011

We have had our issues with learning a foreign language and decided that keeping it within the home would be best for everyone. And yet… we have moments like THIS that make me wonder if THAT is even wise. Hehehe…

My parents and I were enjoying a meal with my oldest and youngest. It’s a rare moment to separate these two from the pack so the mood was light. My mom and I started discussing school and working out a schedule for Spanish tutoring. Of course, we had to work on some pronunciation and I got the great chance to show off my lack of Spanish speaking skills. I quickly switched to German, mostly to mess around but I at least have a bit of experience with that language.

My oldest caught the language change and asked what I was saying. After I explained and joked around a bit more my oldest stated, “You guys speak all different words!”

My mom, being quick on her feet, replied with, “Oui.”

A perplexed look came over my oldest and I knew the thoughts were probably trying to figure out what that word meant. Instead of asking that though, my oldest said, “That’s just a bunch of games.”


I really think this foreign language thing might just be beyond us all.


jen said...

I so wish that I was fluent in Spanish. I know just enough to get into trouble. We're thinking of putting our youngest into a Spanish immersion program starting in Kindergarten. I think that could be really fun for her and beneficial in the long run.

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