Daylight Savings Messed Me Up

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hey there! Remember me? I am the one who set this blog up. Yah! Hi! I am supposed to be writing posts on this blog too. Imagine that. So what happened? A time change. Isn’t that pathetic?!

Last week sometime I even had the though, “a time difference of just one hour can’t make THAT much of a difference.” Right? RIGHT?! Wrong! Boy was I wrong. I cannot get caught up! And it’s not the sleep part that’s bothering me. I am used to the lack of sleep. I am not used to the fact that we are all now getting up one hour later than we used to. Even though, technically, we aren’t.. but we are… and yet.. not. ARGH! Frustrating!

At any rate, I am hoping to get back into a new schedule groove. I used to do my blogging, twitting, computer time, etc in the morning right after I get up and before breakfast. The kids get their own cereal (I get the youngest going on something to munch) but with us all getting up at different/LATER times I don’t get a chance to do my morning ritual. It’s become a source of frustration for me. I can’t figure out how to adjust things to get back to what it was before. So…. it’s become obvious to me that I need to change the way I do things. Sigh! Morning is a better time for me to write but I will have to adjust.

What are you doing (if anything) to adjust to the time change? Is it bothering you more than you anticipated?! I am surprised… really I am… Who’d a thunk an hour would make that big of difference.


Anna said...

I've struggled with it more than I thought I would. The sleep part bothered me at first, but now it's getting back to a regular schedule. I feel like things creep up on me quicker. :/

jen said...

Ya know, I think it did bother us all more than we thought that it would. While I love the longer daylight in the evening, I think that's part of our problem. We think we can stay up later, or get more done, and then it's harder to get up in the morning. I'm not sure really. Just a little frustrating, I guess.

Hope you're on the right track now!

musicalmary said...

I am having trouble, too! This week seems better, though! I always enjoy visiting your blog. :-)

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